Donation Hat 

My donation hat for the Month of May was an interesting knit. It offered a little challenge but it wasn't really difficult once I figured out the chart. I love the texture of this hat. RAVELRY NOTES RECIPIENT: donation hat PATTERN: Tweedy Honeycomb Toque SIZE: one size STARTED: May 19th COMPLETED: May 21st YARN: Knit … Continue reading Donation Hat 

Military Service 

My Father wore these clothes home from boot camp in April of 1978! One year before my parents married and almost two years before my birth.  Military service wasn't a huge part in my Fathers life as he only attended boot camp and never deployed over seas. However it was still a chapter in his … Continue reading Military Service 

If you’re happy and you know it…

Before: After: 

Baby Blanket 

I made this cute textured blanket for my cousin's 9th child. I really wanted a practical baby gift that would see a lot of use. I made it a little larger than the pattern called for so hopefully the little guy will get some use out of it for the next few years. It's funny … Continue reading Baby Blanket 

LETTERS HOME: Not much to write home about 

I've been busy since I last posted but I haven't finished anything.  It's no wonder that I haven't finished anything when you look at the pile of projects that have been in my hands over the last week and that's not all of them. I forgot an embroidery project that the kids have been helping … Continue reading LETTERS HOME: Not much to write home about 

The tree that conspires to kill me

The crabapple tree that bothers my allergies so much is in full bloom! Within a week these blossoms should fall off and blow away! Until then I'm just going to live in my climate controlled imaginary bubble. Where I can knit and drink coffee to my hearts content while imaginary fairies clean my house.  Have … Continue reading The tree that conspires to kill me

Allergies and Cozy Knits 

I've been really out of my normal self the last few weeks. My allergies have been at an all time high. I have been exhausted and congested. I've been drinking too much caffeine by day and suffering from insomnia at night. To make up for the lack of sleep I have been napping in the … Continue reading Allergies and Cozy Knits 

May Goals 

HELLO ALL! Wow, another month has gone by so fast! I am very pleased with my creative  progress last month especially when I consider the fact that my allergies were at an all time high and my kids were home for spring break and Easter break. April Goals *BOLD - FINNISHED *ITALICS - STARTED *STRIKE … Continue reading May Goals 

Grand Central Socks 

Hey All! I've had another productive crafting week. I've finished this pair of socks and I've knit four dishcloths. The weather hasn't been the greatest but hey that's spring in the Midwest. I received some good news and not so great news since my last post about our refrigerator that decided to die on April … Continue reading Grand Central Socks 

WWI hat 

The other day I found a WWI hat pattern which had been re written into modern knitting terms. I thought that would be the perfect hat to donate to Scarves for Troops. The pattern was originally supposed to be knit with 100% wool and in certain colors so that they could be worn with a … Continue reading WWI hat 

ISTJ Personality 

The other day I found an app that you can use to take the Myers Briggs personality test with. I have known for years that I am an introvert. Most of the information about ISTJ was dead on with my personality but I'd like to reflect on one thing. "You can usually accomplish any task once … Continue reading ISTJ Personality 

Sport Socks 

Hello all! My kids have been on Spring break the last few days and my free time really took a nose dive. We have been cleaning out closets and reorganizing some of the house.  The Spring break weather has been nice for the most part. Saturday it was 80° and beautiful Monday morning we woke … Continue reading Sport Socks 

Wee Lima 

Baby season tend to come and go in families. In the last month or so I have heard about two new baby boy's coming into the family so I figured that I had better get started on baby gifts. I used to keep a stash of baby gifts around the house but there were so … Continue reading Wee Lima