I am so excited to say that we are finally done with the 2019-20 school year. I’m not even going to think about school in the fall. I need a break and so do my kiddos.

Free time couldn’t have started at a better time since I discovered a reaction to my asthma medicine on Friday. I had to stop taking it to clear up the infection so needless to say I’m not feeling great. I’ve been taking lots of naps and crafting a little. It took about three days for my asthma meds to wear off completely. Of course this all had to happen in the middle of my spring time allergies. Is 2020 over yet? I’m over it.

I am slowly working my way through my collection of WIP’s. Not counting all of those blankets. My I’ve got 1 blanket going for each of us and 3 more for gifts.

I have narrowed my cross stitch WIPS down to 4 and I hope that by the end of Stitch MAYnia I am down to 2. *stitch maynia goes for the whole month of May I have 4 other projects going strong and I hope to have them wrapped up soon.

Do you remember all of the yarn that I wanted to get rid of? That is what’s left of it on top my storage cubbies. I’d like to use it all by the end of the year. I have managed to fit all of my other yarn, my WIPS, my cross stitch supplies, and my sewing supplies into my storage cubbies. I love how organized it is.

Can you see all of that bare yarn in the top right corner of my storage cubbies? All of it is for my 2021’ year of socks. I am going to try to knit a pair a week for at least a year straight. I have about 65 patterns picked out so it might go for longer. I also might start sooner if I get through my todo list before the end of the year.

I have lost my mind!

Late last year I came up with this idea to use all of my yarn stash in 2020. So far I have met that goal with success by using over 45 miles of yarn. 😱 unfortunately I think I need another year to finalize my goal.

You see I have this plan to only stash one kind of bare yarn and to dye my projects with natural dyes after they are completed. Why you might ask? To cut back on the scraps of yarn that I have in stash and to eventually fit my crap into a tiny house.

In effort to use all of this yarn I have machine cranked a ton of hats and I have set a bunch more yarn aside for blankets. I’ve only started the first blanket shown below. The others are just dream crafting at this point.

The NorthEasterly Blanket

Crochet C2C Blanket

Crochet C2C Blanket

Crochet C2C Blanket

Habitation Throw

Crochet C2C Blanket

Crochet C2C Blanket

Summer Craft Goals May – August 2020

  1. Finish Child Flax Sweater
  2. Finish Elephant 1
  3. Elephant 2
  4. Finish gift socks 1
  5. Gift socks 2
  6. Finish cotton Flax Sweater
  7. Bulky C2C Blanket
  8. Class of 2022 Blanket
  9. C2C Wrap
  10. Cowl
  11. Hats w/Child Flax leftovers
  12. Hat 1
  13. Hat 2
  14. Hat 3
  15. Gnome 1
  16. Gnome 2
  17. Gnome 3
  18. Dishcloths
  19. Christmas Pot grabbers
  20. Cross – Cross Stitch
  21. Mason Jar Cross Stitch
  22. Seasonal Bears Cross Stitch
  23. Nordic Christmas Sampler Cross Stitch.

Handmade April

Wow, I was busy this month. I’m so happy to say that I’ve officially used over 45 miles of yarn this year. Wishing you all the best. We are counting down the last few days of online school.