Greetings! New Blog

So, it seems that the cure to having lost the blogging mojo is to start a new one. I’ve got lots of room for pictures so I won’t need to be as picky and choosy about how much I post.

The new blog Missy’s Håndarbied (Crafts) will draw inspiration from my Norwegian heritage. I plan to knit several patterns by Scandinavian designers in the near future. In fact I actually have three projects in progress right now by a Norwegian designer.

June 2019 Craft Goals

My biggest goal is to wrap up my donations and gifts for the year by the end of June at the latest! July & August are going to be set aside for socks, dishcloths, and family time! September & October are always craft sale prep time, and in November and December I make extra Christmas gifts and finish up works in progress. I can’t believe I have the remainder of the year planned out already and I’m actually writing this on the 15th of May.


  1. Make Several Donation Items – 5/13
  2. Knit at least 1 Love dishcloth (Christmas gift)
  3. Knit at least Cruising Waters dishcloth (Christmas gift)
  4. Finish Christmas dishcloths – 8/13
  5. Knit 3 Hats for Christmas gifts
  6. Spend an hour a day on my cross stitch projects!
  7. Spend an hour a day on scrappy blankets.

Project details can be found on Ravelry

End of year goals:

  1. One crochet blanket
  2. One knit blanket
  3. One purse project
  4. One more detailed project
  5. One donation project
  6. One cross stitch project

No more over extending myself with ridiculous amounts of WIPS

May 2019/Stitch Maynia

I planned to alternate in between all of my cross stitch and embroidery WIP’s as well as starting ONE new Cross Stitch project.

I also planned to make:

  1. the Magpie Tendency . I started this instead
  2. a few donation scarves with this pattern ✔️
  3. and to start working on the Summer Shorties Collection ✔️

I will show all of my finished projects first and then my WIP’s at the end.

WIPS … before and after shots

and last but not least my yarn WIPS

I think that stitch MAYnia was a lot more successful for me this year. I stitched on 26 of the first 27 days before I lost interest and wanted to knit knit knit. Maybe by the end of stitch MAYnia next year I will have them completed. I learned something about myself while participating this year. I am a process cross stitcher but a product knitter.

I’m wish you all a happy summer 🥰 God Bless

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