My Son’s Blanket

Greetings! It’s been a while again. I keep loosing myself in projects and forgetting to post, reply to comments, and read posts of the people that I’m following. A huge part of me has needed to check out of reality. The political climate in the United States is exhausting! I have however whipped up yet … More My Son’s Blanket

Baby knits

Greetings! Brr there’s been a bit of chill in the air the last few days. So much that I finally shut my windows over night. I spent this week knitting baby sweaters. This teal and grey set is going to the newest impending arrival in the family. This pink one is going to a friends … More Baby knits

Class of 2022 Blanket

Greetings! Wow, the weather sure has crispness to it. The leaves have started to change and it’s getting to the point where it’s chilly in the mornings. I love this time of year but unfortunately my allergies don’t. I’m just going to overlook that for today and enjoy another cup of coffee and the candle … More Class of 2022 Blanket

Eyelet Socks

Greetings! It’s Friday and I have a finished pair of socks! It would be way cool if I could make this a regular thing. I knit this pair of socks to gift to a blog reader so I won’t say who they are for right now. These were knit with my basic sock recipe. I … More Eyelet Socks

Gift Socks

Two finished projects in one week! These are a pair of socks that were requested in February! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Better late than never These were knit with one 50 gram skein of Knit Picks Felici yarn and scraps of bare yarn Magic Loop Notes: Cast on 36 sts (18 sts each needle) and inc to 72 … More Gift Socks

Scrappy Socks

Greetings! I thought that I’d share a few pairs of scrappy socks that I’ve knit this year. I personally think they’re ugly but they are functional and they make sure that I use every last scrap of my yarn. Waste not want not.

Baby Sock Recipe

Size – approximately 3 – 6 months written for magic loop cast on a total of 12 sts (6 on each needle) Increase to a total of 36 (18 on each needle) Knit 30 rounds On needle two increase to 30 sts for the gusset K to 17 sts, SSK, K1, turn Slp1, purl 5 … More Baby Sock Recipe