Brittany, Grieving Loved Ones

R.I.P. Brittany

Post back dated to August 30th 2013 – Written on Sept. 15th 2013

The morning of Aug 30th started like any other day. The kids had a no school day due to the Labor Day weekend. We slept until about 9 AM and spent most of the day enjoying each others company while hubby was at work. Sometime during the day I developed a nasty headache because of my allergies. I made BLT’s for dinner and shortly there after I crawled into bed to read the book of Leviticus in my read the bible in 90 days reading plan. I had every intention of going to bed early. Little did I know that my life was about to be turned upside down.

At 8:10 PM the phone rang with a phone number that I did not recognize but I knew that it was from my home town. I answered the phone and my Mom was on the other end bawling and demanding to speak to my husband. I remember asking her “what the hell is going on“? Still she demanded to speak to him and not me. I walked into the garage and told my husband “my Mother is on the phone bawling and demanding to talk to you… and I think somebody is dead“. I knew without being told that my precious baby sister was dead. She was so young and so beautiful. Only 24 years old.

Britt’s last post on Facebook was at about 6:56 PM and the accident was at about 7:00 PM which in my mind works out about perfect with the distance that she traveled. She must have posted and walked out the door. She did not own a cell phone to post with.

Brittany drifted off the side right side of the road and then over corrected and rolled. She was ejected from the vehicle and died instantly. The fact that she didn’t suffer is the only thing that gives me peace.


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Misc. Crafts



The Knubbelchen is a German doll that I knit for my Cousin’s impending arrival. I had to use Google translate just to figure out the language. 😉 This was really time consuming yet a very gratifying project. I really enjoyed making it and I plan to make more soon.  Ravelry Link


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Waffle Hats Galore

I’ve made tons of waffle hats in the past. Mostly for gifts or to donate to Scarves for Troops.

Aug 15th 2013 016

These hats were donated to Scarves for Troops. Ravelry Link


This gray hat I knit for my Hubby Ravelry Link


These hats were Christmas gifts last year. Ravelry Link


This is a hat that a knit for my Hubby too. Ravelry Link


These Waffle Hats were Christmas gifts as well. Ravelry Link

IMG_0032 (2)

This hat was also donated to Scarves for Troops. Ravelry Link


I made these blue hats for my Son and Adopted Nephew. Ravelry Link


This pink hat was made for one of my Adopted Niece’s . Ravelry Link


This chocolate brown hat was made for one of my Adopted Niece’s . Ravelry Link