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Twin Warmest Winter Scarves


I started knitting the Warmest Winter Scarf in September of 2013 and I finished it on November 15th of 3013. I used US # 10 Circ. needles. The Yarn is I Love This Yarn in Brown.

These scarves will be Christmas gifts for a special couple in my life. 🙂 I made the darker scarf first and then asked my Hubby what I should make for the other half of the couple. He suggested matching scarves. Great idea. I’ve made one for myself in the past and I love it when the temps and wind chills are below zero in the frozen arctic…. You get the point 🙂


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4 Little Angels

I made these little Angels to give as Christmas gifts in memory of my Sister Brittany.


Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Aunt

The pattern for these little angels was really easy to follow. I whipped up all 4 of them using scraps of yarn in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Ravelry Link



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Snowman Hat Tutorial


I’ve been seeing tons of super cute snowman hats on Pinterest lately. I wanted to make some for my kids but I didn’t find the exact pattern I wanted to use. So I knit a basic hat and crocheted a carrot nose. Buttons eyes added a nice and easy finishing touch.

So here goes my first crack at a tutorial in case you’d like to make something similar.

Snowman Hat Tutorial

80 sts on US size 6 DPN’s

1 1/2 inches K1 P1 ribbing in your choice of color

Switch to white. Knit in stockinette stitch for a total of 4 inches

Switch to black. Knit 1 round purl 3 or 4 rounds. Knit until hat reaches a total of 5 inches.

Start decreases. K8 k2tog knit next round and so on.


The Carrot Nose

Chain 10, turn sc in 2nd stitch from hook. 2hdc, 2dc, 3 triple crochet