Nautty Boy Baby Sweater – Test Knit



I have been busy knitting this super cute little baby sweater as a gift for the 9th Grandchild in my Hubby’s family. The baby is due to arrive in April and we don’t know a gender yet. I thought that an off white sweater would be cute and I will pick out gender appropriate buttons later on or I might decide to use some wooden buttons.

Andre Sue offered me a chance to test knit this pattern before she puts it on the market to sell. I have never had the opportunity to test knit a pattern before so I think that it is quite exciting. Thus far the pattern has been a breeze but I had best get back to work so that I can get everything done by the end of the month. After that I need to finish 2 hats for Christmas gifts as well as the remaining 13 Christmas ornaments.

Have a great weekend!!!!!



11 thoughts on “Nautty Boy Baby Sweater – Test Knit

  1. I love the look of this sweater–old-fashioned, earthy…truly a beautiful sweater. And I think wooden buttons would be perfect given the color.

    How wonderful that you’ve had this opportunity to test knit.

    Enjoy the time with your kids during break.


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