Christmas Ornaments

I love love love this melted snowman that I made the other day. I was thinking that I should make another with those little suction cups so I could stick it on a window like a snowball. SPLATRavelry Pattern



Handmade Gifts, Hat

Christmas Gifts


These two hats are the last of my Christmas gifts. The smaller hat on the left is for my son and the larger on the right I intentionally made inside out for my hubby. I thought that would make it easier for them to tell them apart. – Ravelry Link – I used a US size H crochet hook and the yarn is Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Fan Pride – Black & Orange. Only because I grabbed the wrong yarn it was supposed to be Navy Blue & Orange so I could make them Bronco’s themed hats. Lucky for me they are good sports and I will just make them Bronco’s themed hats at a later date.