Charitable Donations, Hat


I have been busy this week trying to complete some of my craft goals for the month. I am going to fall short of finishing my toe-up socks and I only have one hat to add to my Project Forever 24 donation pile. All of the items that I make for Project Forever 24 – 2015 will be donated to the Scarves for Troops program ran by Operation Gratitude.

Barley HAT

This pattern is named Barley by Tin Can Knits. I used US size 6 needles through out the entire pattern because I forgot to bump up to the larger size. The yarn is a Red Heart Super Saver Multi in the Shaded Dusk. I used about 170 yard for the large hat.

barley hat top

Here is a view of the top. I absolutely love how this one turned out.



Shapely Boyfriend Sweater

I just finished weaving in my ends and sewing buttons on this beauty. I am very satisfied with the results of this sweater and I can’t wait to wear it.

brown shapely boyfriend

I love how the buttons that I found have little stitches around the edges. The perfect touch for a handmade garment.

Details: The Pattern is The Shapely Boyfriend Sweater.  The yarn I used is Caron One Pound in Espresso. The only modifications I made were with the buttons. I couldn’t find the smaller size so I used these. I adjusted for the larger size by binding off 3 sts for the buttons holes instead of 2 sts. When I entered the amount of yarn I used into my account. I found out that with this project I used .88 miles of yarn!!!



“Baby It’s Cold” Slipper Tutorial


A few days ago my feet were freezing so I did what any crafty gal would do. I started browsing the Internet looking for the perfect slipper pattern. One big problem though, I have huge feet. I wear a women’s size 10 1/2 shoe and most slipper patterns are made for women with smaller feet. So, I decided to wing it and come up with my own pattern.


What I came up with is the perfect slipper for a woman with larger feet. These slippers cover most of the top of my foot and are some of the coziest slippers I have ever worn. They also work up really fast. My first pair took me about 3 hours to crochet.

Materials Needed:

I used an F crochet hook and about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. The yarn I used is Red Heart Super Saver in BonBon Print. I also used a darning needle to weave in the ends.

Round 1: Make a magic loop Ch 1, and 7 sc into magic loop (7 sc) -gently pull the loose end of your magic loop so that your stitches form a circle.

Round 2: Ch 1, (counts as first hdc) 2 hdc in each sc of round 1 sl st in first hdc (14 hdc)


Round 3: Ch 1, (counts as first hdc) * two hdc in first hdc, one hdc in second hdc, * rep from* around. sl st in first hdc (21 hdc)

Round 4: Ch 1, (counts as first hdc) *two hdc in first hdc, one hdc in next two hdc, * rep from* around. sl st in first hdc (28 hdc)

Round 5 – 10: Ch 1, (counts as first hdc – one hdc in same stitch) one hdc in each hdc around (28 hdc)


Round 11: Ch 1, (counts as first hdc – one hdc in same stitch ) one hdc in the next 19 hdc. (20 hdc) Turn and work in rows.

Work back and forth on those 20sts for a total of 10 rows.


When done with row 10 cut yarn leaving a long tail. Fold the end in half and stitch together to form a heel.


SC around the foot opening decreasing one stitch on each side where the sides join the area over the top of your foot.


SC one more row around with no decreases.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.


You may sell items that you make from this pattern but please don’t copy the text or photos as your own.