Craft Goals for 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!

Goal 1: To successfully knit myself a matching set of mittens, hat, and scarf using Nordic Knitting Techniques to celebrate my Norwegian heritage.


I already picked out the yarn that I plan to use with this hat pattern and this mitten pattern. I still need to find a scarf with a similar pattern or I may just try to copy the hat pattern for the scarf. The yarns are Obsidian Solid Diadem and Pearl Solid Diadem. They are both Knit Picks yarns in Fingering Weight.

Goal 2: I want to try knitting socks again. Specifically toe-up socks just because I have never made them.


I have also picked out this yarn for my toe up socks. It is Hollywood Stroll Hand Paint which is also a fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks.

Goals 3, 4, & 5 Tie in together. I want to knit or crochet 24 hats or scarves, make 24 para cord bracelets, and at least 24 heart shaped yarn bombs for Project “Forever 24” in memory of my Sister Brittany.

Goal 6: Successfully knit myself a sweater.

Goal 7: Replenish my dish cloth supply using stitch patterns I have never used before. If I’m lucky I will make some new pot holders as well.

Goal 8: Finish my WIP’s . ALL OF THEM

Goal 9: Pick one nice handmade Christmas gift for each family member instead of several small gifts and have them completed by October 31st.

Goal 10: Try not to over indulge in new yarn purchases and craft from my supply first unless I need something to finish a project.

Goal 11: Be a little bit selfish and craft for myself since I typically give everything I make away. See goals 1, 2, and 6.

GOAL 12: LESS IS MORE!!!! I am cutting down to one recipe post a week and I would like my craft posts to be more detailed and interesting for my readers.

*** The yarns I posted above were an early birthday gift from my Hubby. Here’s the rest of my loot & I still have a ball winder coming. 🙂 All of this came from my favorite store KNIT PICKS.


and a swift to use with the ball winder!!!!


Sorry for the mess in the background. I am like a kid at Christmas. Rip into the goodies and leave the mess!!!



24 thoughts on “Craft Goals for 2015”

  1. Impressive list! Can’t wait to see some of the projects, especially the mittens/hat/scarf set. I’m trying to get back into colorwork this year, and have my eye on a Norwegian sweater pattern


  2. awesome goals! number 8 would send me into the fetal position as I’ve started more projects than I can shake stick at! it may mean that I need to visit the ‘frog pond’. good luck – I’ll be following along 😀


  3. Congratulations on your new year’s plans, your score from knit picks and your resolutions. I too have big knitting and crochet plans for the new year and they also include sweaters and socks. Best of luck to you in the new year! Can’t wait to see your accomplishments.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You got a busy list going there. I hope you succeed with all 12.
    I look forward to another year of enjoying your postings and creations, cooking or crafting.
    Happy New Year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It sounds like you will be busy. Take care and happy knitting! We are leaving for TX on Monday, so we won’t be connected to the internet for a while. Love you!


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