Two Left Socks


I recently finished yet another pair of socks. I had to wait for a day bright enough to take a clear picture. It was so gray and gloomy out that the color didn’t pop the way I wanted it too.  I finally settled for this picture taken in -9 temperatures not counting the wind chills.

This is the Socks on a Plane pattern and the yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted in the shade of Cartoon. These socks were a blast to knit partly because of the bright cheery color and partly because of the ease of the pattern. I will be knitting socks with this pattern again. Unfortunately, I found a mistake when I was ready to start knitting the ankles of both socks. I knit two left socks and no right ones. They don’t fit any different. It is just that the decorative cable is on the wrong side on one of the socks. I was too lazy to take it apart since I was making them for myself.



21 thoughts on “Two Left Socks

  1. The socks look great even if they are 2 left socks!! 🙂 I don’t think I would have ripped them back either.

    Those sockettes are adorable! I want to knit some too!


  2. That is a nice pattern and I like the color of the yarn too. I find it very hard to take photos of my knitting. The color never looks right, Have fun knitting 🙂


      1. I think that I could have picked an easier yarn to work with. I’m about half way through my first cuff and its still really fussy. I’m using an angora/silk blend. Super soft but fussy!


  3. LOL That’s hilarious! Something I would do. We all wear mismatched socks around here anyway. I think you should make two right socks in a different color but the same pattern to remember this in the future.

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