Baby Sweaters: New, Old, and Vintage

New, Old and Vintage baby sweaters….

New Old and Vintage

I finished this super cute baby sweater for a pending arrival in my family. I did make some modifications to the Nautty Baby Sweater pattern by Andre Sue Knits. I used 2 strands of 2 different colors of baby yarn to get close to the suggested worsted weight yarn. When knitting the sleeves in the top down sweater I skipped the decreases all together. I picked up my stitches and then knit 2 rows in the main color before switching to my contrast color. I knit a 6 month size sweater and after holding it up to a some baby clothes that I have left over it appears to be in the 3-6 month range. Most likely because of my choice in yarn. For more details click here to read my project page on Ravelry.

nautty baby 2

This is super cute sweater that my Sister, Daughter and I wore as babies. It’s still in great shape and proof that quality knitting and yarn can survive generations. I’m saving it with the hope that my Grand babies will wear it someday.

My baby sweater

This adorable vintage sweater is one that my Dad and Uncles wore as babies. I believe that the flowers were made individually and then crocheted together some how. If anyone knows where this pattern can be found let me know. I’d love to recreate it some day. As a plan B I found something similar on the internet.

My Dad's Baby Sweater

One thing is for sure there is never a shortage of new babies to knit for. Keep them coming!!!!



12 thoughts on “Baby Sweaters: New, Old, and Vintage

  1. These sweaters are absolutely adorable. The bright pink one reminds me of one my eldest received as a baby gift at her birth in 1986.

    Whenever I become a grandma, I will be contacting you to knit a sweater for my grandbaby.


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