Purple Color Affection Shawl

My latest shawl is done!!!

101 purple color affection shawl

I love the colors. I love how the stripes line up and make up an interesting visual texture. I love how soft and cozy it is but…

101 purple color affection shawl

I hate how the shawl refuses to lay flat. Once I get it to lay flat in one area it ripples up in another area. I even added the extra YO’s that were suggested to help with that issue. I aggressively blocked the shawl and it did improve slightly but it still won’t lay flat.

However, I wonder if this will even be noticed when the shawl is worn. I have decided to wait until I can wear the shawl before proceeding with the pink shawl. I may just look for a different pattern. I have found through trial and error that I prefer the results of shawls that are knit from side to side.

All in all I am a little frustrated and disappointed. I am hoping that the shawl grows on me.


My 101 Purple Color Affection Shawl was knit with US size 6 (4.0 mm) knitting needles. The Color Affection Pattern is by Veera Välimäki and the yarn is from Knit Picks in the following shades Lilac, Lilac Mist, and Ivory.



16 thoughts on “Purple Color Affection Shawl

  1. I love the colors and the way they blend. Too bad it does not lay flat. Grr. Maybe it won’t be that bad when it is worn? It is really pretty and hopefully it will work out for you because that is just too frustrating.

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  2. I love your purple color affection shawl! I don’t know much about knitting but I don’t think the ripple would show when you wear it. Or if it does maybe it will look like it is supposed to be that way. Anyway, I think it’s beautiful!

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