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Sixty Cables Hat

I finished knitting the Sixty Cables Hat with some of my hand dyed yarn the other day. This pattern seemed to take forever to complete but I am guessing that is because I hate knitting ribbing. However, I love how the hat turned out and I finally got pictures of the yarn that show the specks of colors in it.

Sixty Cables 2

This is the first time that I have knit a slouch hat with a closure that looks like this. The hat is a little bit looser than I prefer so I am going to try adding some elastic loop stitches to the hat cuff.

Next time I knit a hat I plan to use the method that Andre Sue Knit’s has mentioned in several of her podcasts. It’s 85% of the head circumference with a closure on the top that is more squared. I’ve never knit a squared closure before so I am just trying it for the experience.

Sixty Cables 1

*** School started this week so this crafty Momma will have more free time to craft while listening to audio books and podcasts. I also expect that my house will be cleaner!!! “Trying to clean with kids in the house is like scooping snow in a blizzard”

I hope you all have a great weekend.



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