Turn Some Squares

I have been on a hat knitting kick the last few days. These two Turn a Square hats were knit with some of my hand dyed yarns. I love how they turned out and they also knocked a few items of my Christmas gift list. My goal is to be done with my Christmas crafting by Halloween.

turn some squares

Speaking of Halloween. I knit up this slouch hat for my daughter. For this hat I didn’t really use a pattern. I just casted on 108 sts with fingering weight yarn and then I flew by the seat of my pants so to speak. I am pretty sure that’s the first time those words have been uttered out of my mouth too! 😉


I’m still working on improving my spinning on the drop spindle. I have two knit shawls in progress and I have another hat in progress. I have 3 hats, an afghan, and 33 Christmas ornaments left to make this year. Plus, I always come up with a few last minute items.



22 thoughts on “Turn Some Squares

      1. That is so sweet. I am laughing, though, remembering my friend Beth Ann, whom I first “met” online via her blog. She drove from Mason City to Faribault to listen to a poetry presentation I was giving at the local library several years ago. However, her husband accompanied her because he was worried I might be some criminal who would throw her into the trunk of my car. Long story short, Beth Ann and I are now good friends. Before she moved to N.C., she visited me several times. And my husband and I even stayed overnight at her Iowa home last summer. We still email one another, even though she now lives further than 90 minutes away.

        I understand your husband’s trepidation. But I would have missed out on lots of great friendships had I not personally connected with other bloggers. I’ve met four bloggers in person and I am richer for those new friendships.

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  1. Beautiful works! I wish I could do some knitting too! If I can find something to be my left hand. It kept on sleeping ever since I had a stroke 14 years ago.
    Are you interested in crocheting as well! If so, I would like to invited to my home to see some life looking flowers, which were crocheted by my mother. In my page “Everlasting Blossoms” I’m introducing my mother, her unique artwork and how to crochet those life looking butterflies and, Everlasting Blossoms.


      1. Missy, I am new to blog, There is still a lot to learn. I wander how many spam comments I have? And where to look for my spasm folder? May be you can help me with it.


      2. Yes, Missy, I found it! Thank you very much! Teacher Missy!
        Oh! by the way,I posted C2. Renew A Sweet Experience of Bygone –part two– for you. tomorrow I’ll past the last pat of it. May be you and your children will be interested.


      3. Thank you for reading it! So far do you have any suggestion and comment about my writing? This is my very first time I edit in English. May be there are some Chinglish!

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