The Ashton Shawlette

The Ashton Shawlette was knit with 430 yards (0.24 miles) of bare yarn that I ordered from Knit Picks and then dyed with tea. I used US size 4 (3.5 mm) knitting needles.

I love how the details in the lace turned out so beautifully and it feels so soft and cozy while I am wearing it. I can not wait until the temperature drops so that I can start wearing my hand made shawls.

Ashton Shawl

However, I must admit that this project was not without its frusterations. I started the first section over three times before finally getting the hang of it. Then when I started the last two charts I had to rip it apart and start over 3 more times. Luckily I used dental floss as safety lines after each chart repeat so it saved from having to completely start over each time.

Ashton Shawl

I think that I am going to wash and reblock this shawl with a little starch so that the scalloped edge stays more dramatic. This is the most detailed and intricate pattern that I have knit thus far. I haven’t decided if knitting lace is worth all of the fussing yet or not.


12 thoughts on “The Ashton Shawlette

  1. Oh my, that lace is so beautiful! I do not have the patience to make lace. I am also having allergy problems. It seems so much worse this year. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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