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I lied…. I guess

So it wasn’t that long ago that I posted that I was completely done with my Christmas gifts. I swear I really meant to be done but then I saw the pattern for this little cutie. I needed a quick break from sweater knitting and this hat was the perfect distraction. I believe that it is supposed to be an adult sized hat but its a little short on me but then I live in the frozen Tundra and prefer hats that keep me warm over hats that accessorize. I also want to add that starting and finishing a stranded knitting project was one of my goals for the year so it wasn’t a total waste of time. I hope that my daughter likes it. I managed to knit the entire thing while she was at school so this gift will be a complete surprise.

Ombre Hat

The Quick Ombre Hat was a really quick knit. Like I said it runs a little small but I think that it would fit and adult if you knit an extra few rows in the hat cuff and knit 2 rows in between decrease rows.



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