Achromatize Hat

I found the cutest Achromatize Hat pattern on Instagram the other day and just had to whip one up for another “extra” Christmas gift. I knit this with US size 6 knitting needles and some of my Bare Knit Picks Yarn. The red was dyed with 3 packages of black cherry Kool Aid. The pattern is by NotPlainJanye/Jayne Winn. She also has a free cowl pattern that matches this hat. So I just might be making myself a matching hat & cowl set after the new year.

Achromatize Hat

I love how this hat sort of matches the last hat that I knit.

Ombre Hat

This was completely unplanned but I love how it worked out. Both of my kids have hats that slowly lost color as the hat grew. I didn’t even know that there was a word for this technique.

Verb (used with object), achromatized, achromatizing.
1. To make achromatic; deprive or free of colour.



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