Lafayette Shawl

This is the first time that I have knit a pattern off of the info band on a skein of yarn. My Mother gave me the yarn for Christmas last year and then she hinted that she liked the yarn. So to be a smarty pants I decided to knit the pattern that came with it and […]

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Reflective Achromatize Hats

I’ve been wanting to try glow in the dark yarn for a while. I haven’t been able to get my hands on some glow in the dark yarn but I did manage to find some reflective yarn. The reflective yarn has a thin strand of a metal like substance that runs through the yarn. It […]

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Another Sock Head Hat

I finished another Sock Head Hat. I really enjoyed knitting this hat with thicker yarn and larger needles. Next time I knit this hat with a worsted weight yarn I will knit the cuff with size 4 needles and the body of the hat with size 6 needles. This time I used 4’s for the […]

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