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Holly Hat

On Friday I spent the better part of the day knitting on my Smoke Shawl and I was making great progress. I had just started the second section of the shawl. I was hoping to finish up the shawl over the weekend and start the lace bind off on Monday morning but then my Mom sent me a text message asking me to knit a hat for a co worker of hers who is battling cancer. How could I say no? Truth be told I wouldn’t have said no to Mom anyways. She never asks me to knit anything so you know that she really wants something when she does ask.


Mom wanted a solid colored pink hat. So I picked out the Holly Hat pattern because it would add some texture to it. This hat was a little hard to photograph. Bright pinks never seem to photograph right and it wanted to lay weird so I couldn’t get a good shot of all of the texture. You do get the idea that it has a lovely seed stitch pattern in between the mock cables. This hat was a lot of fun to knit and I will be trying it again with a different yarn.



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