The Because I Love You Wrap

WOW, I might be a bit biased but isn’t this shawl stunning? It’s the Because I Love You Wrap by Amy Meeks. She’s the Sister of the designer of the shawl that I knit last week. Aren’t they both super talented designers?

Because I Love You Wrap

I knit this shawl with yarn that I dyed several months ago. I love how it turned out. I am just disappointed that my picot edging on the left edge didn’t lay down better. I wonder if some starch would help in the blocking process but I don’t want to wear something stiff and crunchy around my neck either.


I have started a second Wendy Sky Shawl. This one is for my Step Grand Mother. I’m thinking about using the scraps from all three Wendy Sky Shawls to knit a hitch hiker shawl for my daughter. I think that pattern should be fairly easy to modify so that it fits a pre-teen girl.



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