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R.I.P. Socks

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Our kitty started having breathing problems on Monday afternoon. When we took him to the vet Tuesday morning we found out that he had FIP and that there was nothing that could be done for him. We were told that he had one to two weeks to live and that it was going to continue to get worse. We made the decision to have him put to sleep so that he wouldn’t suffer any longer. We felt that it would be cruel to bring him home for a few days and then take him back to the dreaded vet. Our veterinarian is awesome but no animal likes to be at the vet.

My heart is broken. Socks was a family pet but he was my cat. I spoiled it rotten and he came running every time I called his name. He spent part of most nights sleeping on my chest with his butt on my head  because he still thought that he was a tiny kitten.

We picked him out, or rather he picked us out on my Sister’s birthday. The first one that had occurred since her passing. I always said that he was my gift on her birthday. His overly affectionate personality was a beacon of light in the darkest days of my grief.

We went to visit him at the vet before they put him to sleep and as I was telling him that I loved him he rubbed my face with his little face just like he did to comfort me in the midst of my grief for my Sister. My loveable cat was trying to comfort me as he was struggling to breath. Socks was an amazing cat and he will be greatly missed by our entire family.




30 thoughts on “R.I.P. Socks”

  1. I am so very sorry. It is so difficult to lose a pet and your Socks looks like one of the best cats ever. I have a fondness for those sweet orange tabbies and Socks looks like he had a great personality. Know that I will be thinking of you during this time of sadness.

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  2. Hugs to you all. I know it is never easy to let go. But not letting them suffer is harder on us as humans. We want to have them around as long as possible. But it is the sensible thing to do. You can not explain to them what is happening and why they hurt. Best to just be there for them in the final moment, no matter how heartbreaking. I did that for 2 of my cats.
    Take care. Thinking of you. xx

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    1. Thank you, I agree. He’s at peace now and he didn’t suffer as long as he would have had we not taken him into the vet. What the doctor described was pretty horrific. It would have been cruel to bring him home for a few more days. Quality of life over quantity.

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      1. I know how you feel. I had a kitty develop cancer, and even though we could do chemo, I would not be able to explain to her why she would feel so sick when we are trying to make her better. So we did the best for her and said our goodbyes as well.
        You were very brave and did the right thing. Quality of life. Best we can do for them. We will always have their photos around and remember them.
        I actually have pics of mine on my desk at work. 🙂 My furry children and my human children all life together on my desk.

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    1. Thank you. This is the first time that I have lost a cat to a known illness. Having grown up on a farm the cats were outside. Most of them were either ran over or wandered off. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was really the only humane option but I’d rather have my healthy kitty

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  3. I am so sorry for your loss and I understand the pain of having to make that decision. I’ve lost both of my old kitties in the last year due to cancer and had to do the same thing. I really do think it’s harder on us because we have to make a very hard decision about our babies…and yes, they are our children. We want them to remain with us; however we always put their comfort first. He will be waiting in Rainbow Bridge for you…pain free and playing like a kitten.

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  4. Oh I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your beloved kitty. Thank you for giving him a good, safe, and loving home, and thank you for making the difficult but responsible decision to relieve his suffering. Hugs.

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  5. That’s a great way to look at it. The summer before my Dad died I lived with my parents for a couple of months. My Dad used to pretend he wasn’t fond of my kitty, but when no one was paying attention he’d pet her and talk to her and he gave her an ironic nickname. She was not the most sociable cat but she liked him quite well. When that kitty died several years later, I liked to think that perhaps they were together keeping each other company in their own quiet ways.

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