Diane’s Diagonal Scarf

The last time I was in Wal-Mart I found myself in the craft department – go figure right!?!? Well the earth/fall tones in the yarn just screamed “buy me buy me” and I couldn’t resist. I was surprised when I found the pink and blue stripes in the middle of the skein of yarn. This is one of the coziest and densest scarves that I have ever knit. I wish that I had purchased more and I would have but this was the only one in the store.

One more gift knocked off my Christmas list. I am hoping to have my Christmas knitting done by Halloween.

Diane's Diagonal Scarf


  • PATTERN: Diane’s Diagonal Scarf
  • STARTED: September 8th 2016
  • COMPLETED: September 10th 2016
  • YARN: Lion Brand Landscapes (new Aran) in the shade of Desert Spring
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 147 yards/100 grams
  • NEEDLES: 5.0 mm/US # 8
  • SIZE: 25 sts
  • MODIFICATIONS: I knit the pattern with 25 stitches instead of 27 stitches in hopes that the scarf would end up a couple of inches longer.



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