Christmas Sockhead Slouch Hat

It’s here Christmas is here. I haven’t even bothered to start cleaning yet and I’m hosting Christmas. My windows and blinds need to be cleaned as well as my carpets plus all of the usual cleaning and food prep.

I  finished knitting my Christmas hat. I love how this hat turned out. I wish that I had purchased more of this yarn so I could make more hats.

Christmas Sockhead Slouch Hat


  • PATTERN: Sockhead Slouch Hat
  • STARTED: October 24th 2016
  • COMPLETED: December 20th 2016
  • YARN: Knitted Wit Pixie Plied in the Shade of Bad Santa
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 280 yards/70 grams
  • FIBER CONTENT: 92% Wool – Merino/8% Other
  • NEEDLES: 2.25 mm/US # 1 and 3.25 mm/US # 3

I hope that you all have a happy, safe and Merry Christmas ❤ Missy


5 thoughts on “Christmas Sockhead Slouch Hat”

  1. This hat is so holiday happy. Love it.

    I’d skip cleaning the blinds. Just hit the bathroom and the floors. I, too, am hosting Christmas with all of my “kids” and their families here over the weekend and some beyond. I am a happy mama, especially to have my son home from Boston for the first time in a year. Lots of cooking to do this afternoon yet. I’m taking a break now from the kitchen.

    May you be blessed this Christmas!

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    1. I’ve got my blinds done and I’m getting ready to start baking. I’ll have the kids help me with the floors after all of the cookies have been made. No point in doing it before. Merry Christmas I hope you have a great time with that new grand baby of yours


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