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a donation hat

I’ve been sick most of the week with a cruddy cold and fever & chills so I haven’t made a lot of progress on my projects. I’ve slept a good portion of each day trying to kick this cold. It’s a good thing that I completed all of my January goals by Sunday afternoon giving me 10 days of free time.

I love how this hat turned out. It’s really just a basic gray beanie hat that is super soft and machine washable.

jan donation


  • PATTERN: I casted on 88 sts and then I used the turn a square pattern to close the top of the hat
  • STARTED: Jan 20th
  • COMPLETED: Jan 20th
  • YARN: Lion Brand Heartland in the Shade of Mount Rainer
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 82 yards/46 grams
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US size 7
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Ugly Ankle Socks

I managed to knit a pair of socks with some yarn that didn’t quite turn out the way I had wanted it too. I figure that ankle socks to wear a round the house will be a perfect use for yarns that I am not totally satisfied with. I also knit a little mini sock to hang up in my craft room



  • PATTERN: loosely based off of the Socks on a Plane pattern
  • STARTED: Jan 11th
  • COMPLETED: Jan 17
  • YARN: Knit Picks Bare Stroll Fingering weight hand dyed by me 😉
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 255 yards/55 grams
  • NEEDLES: 2.25 mm/US # 1
  • SIZE: Women’s 10.5/11
  • MODIFICATIONS: loosely based off of the Socks on a Plane pattern. I followed the pattern from the toes to just after the heel turn. Then I started the cuff
  • NOTES: next time knit one round and then decrease one round (4 stitches) to see if the cuff fits over my scrawny ankles better




I finished knitting my Flax sweater Wednesday evening. I haven’t gotten around to washing and blocking it yet but I wanted to share pictures. I will up date this post with new pictures later but I want to wear the sweater today first. 😉

The Flax Sweater  pattern by Tin Can Knits is probably the easiest sweater that I have knit thus far. I am not sure if its because I have more sweater knitting experience or if the pattern is just that simple. I started the sweater on November 11th. I knit the ribbing around the neck line and a couple of rounds of increases. Then I put it down for over a month and when I picked it up and started knitting it again I found that I had made a mistake. So I tore the whole thing apart on December 21st and started over. I knit on it through three Christmas gatherings and then picked it up again after my kids went back to school. I feel like it just flew off the needles and I guess that it really did when you consider the fact that it only took me three weeks to knit from the time that I restarted it to the time that I finished it.




  • PATTERNFlax  by Tin Can Knits
  • STARTED: November 11th
  • RESTARTED: December 21st
  • COMPLETED: January 11th
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shade of Ash
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 1248 yards/600 grams
  • FIBER CONTENT: 80% Manufactured Fibers – 20% Wool
  • NEEDLES: 4.0 mm/US # 6 & 5.00 mm/US # 8
  • SIZE: XL
  • MODIFICATIONS: all of the ribbing was knit with a twisted rib

I am so pleased with the way this sweater turned out. I plan to knit another one but I’d like to tinker with the pattern a bit. I’d like to take the textured panels out of the arms and I’d like to add cables to the body.

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The First FO of the year

Ironically my first finished object of the year is Christmas gift for 2017. I started it on Christmas Eve. I wanted to start something Christmasy but yet girly and I think that I managed to pull off both. It’s a pink striped Christmas stocking that will go to my cousin’s baby for her second Christmas. I plan to knit a little sweater to go a long with it but I will flip flop it so that the light pink is more predominate and the bright pink will be the accent color. The stocking is pictured with a standard 12 inch ruler for size comparison.


Pink Xmas Stocking


  • PATTERN: I knit it toe up with 60 sts
  • STARTED: December 24th 2016
  • COMPLETED: January 5th 2017
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shades of Cream, Blush, and Fairy Tale
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 270 yards
  • NEEDLES: 5.0 mm/US # 8