Yarn Purchases

Birthday Goodies

I celebrated my birthday last month and my Grandparents were kind enough to gift me some money so I thought that I would share my purchases so they and everyone else can see what I bought.

I bought some tea from David’s Tea

David's Tea

I also bought a DPN (double pointed needle) cozy. It is supposed to help your stitches stay on your knitting and you can also store your needles in the cozy – purchased from Steel City Stitcher


and then since I have been on such a sock knitting kick I bought a little zippered bag to store my sock needles in – purchased from Kitchen Counter Crafter


and I bought a foot template that is the exact size of my foot – foot template purchased from Burning Impressions 2 and the blue bag below was a previous purchase from Quilts by Jessica


this helps you get your socks to fit your foot perfectly every time


my hubby also bought be some yarn from Knit Picks


and last but not least is a cedar and birch wood box for my #boxosox also from Knit Picks




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