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Stitch Markers and Progress Keepers 

I keep seeing the cutest little stitch markers and progress keepers in Podcasts and on Instagram. Of coarse I would like to own some of them but they are pretty spendy compared to the ones that I buy in bulk from the  Knit Picks website. I did the math and figured that I could buy 150 bulk stitch markers for the price of one stitch marker that I found on line. I admit that I am frugal

So I did the next best thing and I found a package of charms (shown in the top left corner) at Wal-Mart and I made my own markers. That was a lot of fun and I still had some jump rings and lobster clasps left over so I raided my jewelry box and made markers out of some of those items too.

I believe the rocks turned into pendants (middle picture) were made by my Father’s Paternal Grandmother. Ruby Pearl was a pretty creative woman with a much greener thumb than mine. I remember her house looking like a forest.

My favorite markers are ones that I made out of the fishing lures that my Father made earrings out of. I remember thinking that they were the coolest thing ever and I wore them a lot. I think that he would get a kick out of me repurposing and item that he repurposed probably 25 years ago.

I’m guessing that I held on to the “spotted” lure in the next picture because it was/is my favorite color. However, I just have say that I designed the lure on the far right. I was using some pinking sheers to cut up the sticky side of some post it notes and then I was sticking them all over my Grandparent’s kitchen table. Dad used the idea to make a unique lure to sell in his bait shop. If I remember correctly that one glows in the dark too.


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