Cozy Memory Afghan – Progress

I’ve finished knitting three months of squares into my cozy memory blanket. Each month has a 3 x 3 block with a color theme starting right to left. These will be the bottom (or top) three rows. I have a fleece blanket purchased that I would like to use to back the blanket when I am done. I think that I will need to knit a few months into next year before it is long enough. 

Here I have three months worth of crocheting into my granny striped afghan. This afghan is working up much faster even though it’s a little wider. 

I will do a progress update on these again in another 3 months. 😜


14 thoughts on “Cozy Memory Afghan – Progress

  1. Oh so pretty, and your cat is not as bad as mine. Roger will not even let me work some nights. Last night I had to dump her off my lap twice, and finally I gave up and went to bed, where she laid on top of me.

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  2. I really like the way you are putting your squares together for your cozy memories blanket. Are you adding the white border at the same time that you are knitting each square? If so, what a great idea! I don’t know that I’ve seen one with the borders on it.

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