April Goals

Is it really April already? We have about 7 weeks of school left and then its summer. While I appreciate the break of not having to get grumpy kids up and moving out the door each morning I really miss the structured days that come with the school year. I’m an introvert that can always find a way to entertain myself and I find that I get frustrated with the “I’m bored” scenarios that kids present in the summer. A few summers back my Daughter was on this “this is the worst summer vacation ever” kick because we didn’t drop everything and leave town the first day summer break started. Sometimes I think that summer break is punishment for parents who send their brats to school every day. What is that saying??? “A few bad eggs ruin it for everyone.”  Yes, I know I am being dramatic and I’m sure that my Grandmother who taught first grade will chip in with her two cents!!!

Anyways… back to the crafts. This is after all a craft blog right.

At the beginning of March I decided to adjust my goal list for the month as I was feeling overwhelmed with my lack of progress in February. I was sick from the end of January to the middle of March. uhg…

March Goals
items in bold were completed

  1. Finish Char’s socks & mail out
  2. Knit my March socks
  3. Knit my cozy memory block
  4. Knit 1 Christmas gift
  5. Read 1 book
  6. Knit/crochet 2 hats (sale)
  7. Knit 1 donation hat cream hat
  8. Crochet 1 scrap blanket
  9. Mini Cross Stitch

I also finished knitting the IMBUE shawl  and my Ridge and Eyelet socks which weren’t listed as a goals


April Goals

  1. finish March’s Mini Cross Stitch
  2. finish March’s book
  3. Knit my April Socks
  4. Knit my cozy memory block
  5. Crochet 100 grams into granny stripe afghan
  6. Knit 1 Christmas gift
  7. Start knitting a Christmas Stocking
  8. Finish crocheting (or at least make a good dent in the granny rectangle afghan – sale item)
  9. Knit 1  donation item
  10. Make 4 kitchen items
  11. Make a baby gift for Mom’s cousin who’s adopting shortly
  12. Make a baby gift for my Cousin’s baby boy 
  13. finish the yolk and separate the sleeves in my newest flax sweater
  14. put a good dent in my Spring into Summer Shawl




16 thoughts on “April Goals”

  1. We have no big plans this summer, maybe a mini trip. My girls usually go out and play with the neighbor. I usually have them work out of a workbook also and we make recipes and craft. Maybe you can have your kids make lists of what they want to do and what you want them to do.

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    1. That reminds me that I was going to look for math workbooks for my 5th and 7th graders. We also challenge them to read so many books for a reward at the end of the summer. I need to start a craft and since experiment list.


  2. I think I’ll skip the two cents and go right to your March goals: I think you did really well considering that you were sick half the month! Glad you are feeling better!!! Love you!

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