Sport Socks 

Hello all! My kids have been on Spring break the last few days and my free time really took a nose dive. We have been cleaning out closets and reorganizing some of the house.  The Spring break weather has been nice for the most part. Saturday it was 80° and beautiful Monday morning we woke up to snow. 

Last month I started using a weight loss app to track my food consumption and I’m learning that carbs and sodium are my downfall. Apparently eating pizza three times a week isn’t healthy! I managed to loose 6.8 lbs in the first month by cutting back on coffee creamer, Coca Cola, candy, pizza, cheese, and carbs in general. I switched to whole grain pasta and I’ve been trying out my new bread machine. The goal is to make a low sodium healthy multi grain bread that tastes good too. I’ll share a recipe once I get one that everyone really likes. 

Last night I finished knitting these socks for my Son’s Christmas gift. Now I have three out of 20 people on my list covered. I’m thinking that I might set my July goals as Christmas in July just to knock out the rest of them. 


  • RECIPIENT: my Son for Christmas 
  • PATTERN: cast on 14 sts and increase to 60 sts 
  • SIZE: Men’s 10.5 
  • STARTED: April 6th
  • COMPLETED: April 10th
  • YARN: Knit Picks Stroll Sport – Handdyed by me 
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 236 yards
  • NEEDLES: 3.00 mm/US 2.5 

I hope that you all have a happy, safe and creative week. It’s back to school days for us… until Easter break! 


14 thoughts on “Sport Socks 

  1. Very nice. Sorting things is always a bit of work, but when done, you feel so much have been accomplished.
    Well done on the weight loss, that is awesome. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of the week, and happy crafting, you sure are on the roll.

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  2. Well done on the weight loss – I giggled when I read pizza three times a week isn’t healthy – we all know that, of course, just sometimes pizza just hits the spot! Ha ha, the one you might allow yourself occasionally in the future will be a treat. Love the colour of those socks – spearminty !

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  3. Congratulations on the weight loss! That’s excellent.

    My husband and I have been on a weight loss plan since January, after his boss launched a Weight Loss Challenge with money as an incentive. Randy placed third by losing 13 pounds. He continues to lose and so do I. I’m down 12-plus pounds and it feels GREAT. If each of us ends up losing 20 pounds, we’ll be happy. That would put us at good weights.

    Like you, we’ve mostly eliminated carbs, and sugar. We also eat smaller portions and rarely do we eat anything after supper. Mostly, I am thankful my husband stopped eating potato chips. He now takes almonds. Hang in there. It takes willpower and it isn’t easy. But so worth it.

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