ISTJ Personality 

The other day I found an app that you can use to take the Myers Briggs personality test with. I have known for years that I am an introvert. Most of the information about ISTJ was dead on with my personality but I’d like to reflect on one thing.

“You can usually accomplish any task once you set your mind to it.” 
That’s true but if I get it in my mind that I don’t want to do something I will procrastinate forever.

For example: phone calls – I hate making them. I place phone calls to my Mother, Husband, and sometimes my Grandparents. If make a phone call to you please feel special because I either really like you and feel comfortable talking to you or I’m dying and need emergency services. I refuse to call and make my own doctors appointments because I don’t know who’s on the other end of the line –  Yay for on-line scheduling –  but I suck it up and make the call for my kids. I don’t phone in food orders. I would rather cook. I’ve lost a few amazing people in my life because my communication and social skills make me feel like an awkward outcast. I will probably over think and over analyze those situations for the rest of my life.

Introvert – Sensing – Thinking – Judging 

Serious and quiet √ Interested in security and peaceful living (don’t mess with my home life) √  Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable (yep, I’m all in or none at all) √  I can concentrate on one thing for hours or none at all it depends on whether I want to or not √  Ah ha this explains the obsession with keeping up with Christmas traditions and making handmade gifts each year. Also my donating to scarves for troops √ If I make a goal list I usually stick to it √ yeah as long as I want to do it  √

Yes, I live in my head – and I need someone in my life that can get me out of my head and into reality

I observe everything… that doesn’t mean that I’m going to talk about it but I miss very little

no need for drama here – give me the facts. I’d rather be ticked off by the truth than kissed by a lie. I HATE it when people sugar coat stuff

Love structure and well planned out days and I hate it when plans change multiple times. By that time I’m emotionally invested in the first plan and if things change multiple times I tend to withdraw and develop an “I don’t care do whatever you want attitude”  Just make a dang decision and stick to it.


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