May Goals 

HELLO ALL! Wow, another month has gone by so fast! I am very pleased with my creative  progress last month especially when I consider the fact that my allergies were at an all time high and my kids were home for spring break and Easter break.

April Goals


  1. finish March’s Mini Cross Stitch (I also finished April’s mini cross stitch)
  2. finish March’s book ( I’m just going to wait until the urge to read strikes. I always get one in the summer and end up reading half a dozen books cover to cover in about 2 weeks)
  3. Knit my April Socks
  4. Knit my cozy memory block
  5. Crochet 100 grams into granny stripe afghan
  6. Knit 1 Christmas gift
  7. Start knitting a Christmas Stocking
  8. Finish crocheting (or at least make a good dent in the granny rectangle afghan – sale item)
  9. Knit 1  donation item
  10. Make 4 kitchen items
  11. Make a baby gift for Mom’s cousin who’s adopting shortly
  12. Make a baby gift for my Cousin’s baby boy 
  13. finish the yolk and separate the sleeves in my newest flax sweater 
  14. put a good dent in my Spring into Summer Shawl

My daughter and I also managed to dye four skeins of yarn. One of the skeins that my daughter dyed was dyed with an Easter egg dye kit. She says that it looks like confetti cake so I’m going to surprise her with Birthday socks knit out of the yarn. 

May Goals

  1. Create a donation item
  2. Knit May Socks
  3. Knit my cozy memory block
  4. Crochet 100 grams into my granny stripe afghan
  5. Finish Christmas stocking
  6. Make May’s Cross Stitch
  7. Four kitchen items
  8. Finish octagon baby blanket for my cousin’s baby
  9. Finish my spring into summer shawl
  10. Make at least one Christmas gift – these are started for my Daughter
  11. Work on my granny rectangle afghan or decide what else to do with this yarn. 

10 thoughts on “May Goals ”

  1. I love seeing all your projects. You do beautiful work! I agree that making a list helps to get things done, and it always feels good to be able to mark them finished. I’ll bet little miss will love the surprise!

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