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Baby Blanket 

I made this cute textured blanket for my cousin’s 9th child. I really wanted a practical baby gift that would see a lot of use. I made it a little larger than the pattern called for so hopefully the little guy will get some use out of it for the next few years. It’s funny that I didn’t notice the difference in the yarn until after I took this photo.


  • RECIPIENT: Cousins baby
  • PATTERN: dainty textured baby blanket 
  • SIZE
  • STARTED: May 8th
  • COMPLETED: may 16th 
  • YARN: Bernat Baby Sport in the shades of Funny Prints and Baby Green 
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 3981 yards 
  • MODIFICATIONS: I held two strands of yarn together to get a bulkier working yarn. I also used a larger hook 

I love how this blanket worked up! It’s so soft and squishy!!! 

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10 thoughts on “Baby Blanket ”

  1. What size hook did you wind up using with the yarn doubled? I saw the pattern called for an I hook with only one skein of yarn. As far as the difference in the color of yarn, I bet it’s only seen in photographs and not visible to the naked eye, which is probably why you didn’t notice. It almost looks like a little pillow on the top of the blanket. It’s super cute!

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