Cozy Memories Blanket Update. 

I can’t believe that another three months flew by that fast! The year is almost half over and Christmas is six months from today. I’ve been really busy with life and kids and it seems like I haven’t had any quiet time to pop on here to post or read other blogs in a while. 

I really like how this blanket is working up. I plan to turn it into a wall hanging after I’ve added 12 months of blocks and borders 

I have already purchased a pattern to use as next years blanket project. I’m planning on using my pallet yarns for the centers and white or gray for the background. 

I hope that you all are having a lovely weekend. I’m currently enjoying a cup of coffee in front of an open window. The birds are chirping and it would be rather peaceful if one of my neighbors weren’t blasting the same song on repeat for the last three hours. 


8 thoughts on “Cozy Memories Blanket Update. ”

  1. It’s really neat how the white borders showcase each square. My organic, detox tea is steeping right now so I’m waiting for that while catching up on blogs. I hope to get some knitting done today but the tween and I have to tackle her closet which reminds me…I should wake up the dames.

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