Saturday night after watching a NASCAR race (my driver won) my hubby and I were sitting outside enjoying the much cooler air. We heard loud music coming from behind our house so I decided to walk out back and investigate. However, I never made it to the back yard. I tripped over one of our eve spouts, twisted my foot, and then fell on top of it. Thankfully it was dark out so that no one witnessed my undignified fall or the screaming in pain. Hubby has informed me that when the swelling goes down that my foot is going to turn all sorts of pretty colors. I’m not particularly fond of that shade of purple. 

I’ve had minor sprained ankles before but never to the point where I could walk or hobble around the house. I’ve spent the last day and a half hopping one one foot to the bathroom and back to my cozy knitting spot. 

Butterball has been my constant companion. He keeps giving my foot kitty kisses. It’s funny how smart animals are.  

So anyways kitty and I have been working on this cozy Shanklet (shawl/blanket) and it is finally growing. I have three more skeins of yarn sitting in a bag right next to me so that should keep my hands busy for the next few days. I also have a hat in progress close by so hopefully by the time I finish them I will be able to walk to my craft room. 

It’s after 11:30 AM so now I need to figure out how to make lunch while hopping around on one foot. Luckily I have two kids who can help me out. I’m thinking turkey bacon BLT’s sound good. My daughter is pretty handy at cooking pancakes on an electric frying pan so she should do fine with turkey bacon. Turkey bacon isn’t as greasy as regular bacon so she/I shouldn’t have to worry about grease splashing as much. 


24 thoughts on “Ouch!!! ”

  1. Owch! Snap! I fell over today and wrenched my foot too (not the first time this has happened to me!). Like you, no one to witness it. Sitting here reading your blog with my laptop balanced on my lap and my foot wrapped in ice on a chair in front of me! Hope you feel better soon

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  2. Oh man, girl. Ouchie; I hope you heal soon. Where are the crutches when you need them yeah? Make your kids help. Mine stepped up making salads when I turned my foot while stepping on a magnolia bud while running last year.

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  3. Sorry about your injury! What a bummer! Hope it heals quickly! It wouldn’t hurt to have an X-ray to make sure there are no broken bones. They would. be easier to treat now than later! Love you!

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  4. I am so sorry you fell and injured your foot. These things happen fast. I’m with “Grandma” in suggesting a doctor’s visit just to make sure nothing is broken. I pray for quick and uneventful healing for you with minimal pain. I’m glad your kids are home to help you.

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      1. I went to the doctor last night and found out that my foot isn’t broken! It’s just a really bad sprain. The swelling has gone done some and it’s starting to feel slightly better but it still really hurts to walk.


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