Another week goes by

Well, my foot is slowly improving! I’ve had more pain and discomfort in my foot this week but thankfully it hasn’t been continuously hurting. I’ve noticed while resting that the arch of my foot starts burning almost like when your foot falls asleep but with more discomfort. It’s also very sensitive across my toes and the top of my foot. The bruises on my toes have actually gotten worse since I took these photos. 

I ventured out into the real world and went grocery shopping on Wednesday. It was starting to get pretty uncomfortable during the last few isles that we went down but standing in the checkout line was the worst. If it hadn’t been humid and 95° I would have went outside and waited in the car. 

Thankfully, I don’t feel a lot of discomfort while walking around in the house. The pain in my back is much better as long as I don’t walk around or stand too much. Best of all the tendinitis in my wrist is gone and I can entertain myself with yarn again and of course my kitty is still my constant companion. 

This week was the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved kitty Socks. This week we also celebrated one year of being owned by Butterball. He’s still a cuddle bug that thinks that he needs to destroy toilet paper. It’s funny watching him bite an end of it before he takes off running as fast as he can. It’s not so funny to clean up. 

You can see by the bottom left photo just how hot and dry it’s been. We did get about 7 tenths of an inch of rain and all that did was make it even more humid. Honestly I’m ready for snow and I’m considering a move to Norway! 

I’ve been slowly knitting away at a pair of Rose City Rollers. Boy it takes a long time to see progress when your knitting socks two at a time but I like that this method insures that the socks will be the same size. I haven’t come even close to meeting my craft goals for the month so I’m just going to repeat them for August. 

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13 thoughts on “Another week goes by”

  1. I’m glad to hear you are moving toward recovery, albeit much slower than you would like. It’s not easy. I’m sorry you’re dealing with unusual pain. Sometimes I’d like to just sit in the car, too, but can’t for the very same reason as it’s too darned hot.

    We have had plentiful rains here. I wish I could share some with you. Norway, huh?

    What an entertaining cat you have. I like how you write that YOU are “owned” by Butterball. What a cat.

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting.

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  2. One man I met this week said he can always put on a coat or sweater to get warm on a cold day, but can’t seem to figure out how to get cold when it is hot and humid outside. So true!! Hope the aches are part of real healing.

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  3. Norway huh?! Do you know how cold it gets there? 😄 I know what you mean. I think we are all ready for some rain (a soaker) and some cooler weather. We had a nice surprise and a nice visit with Kathy today. It was really good to see her. We are glad your foot is somewhat better. It takes time! 💕

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    1. Honestly Grandma, it doesn’t get that much colder than our winters now but they do have a period of the winter with no daylight. Glad to hear that you saw Kathy 😜 thanks feeling better today


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