Happy Belated Anniversary to Me

I showed you all the socks that I knit for my Hubbies Anniversary gift.

As well as the sign that I had made for him. I wish I could paint like this.

And look at the cool bag that he bought me! I’ve wanted a Fringe Supply bag for a long time! They are a little pricey but durable and I think it will be great for some future traveling.

I love how it has a few built in pockets to hold extra hooks and needles. I’m already putting it to use with the mini sock advent calendar that I’m knitting.

Next I plan to use the left over yarn to make crochet blanket squares.

Here are the minis that I’m using for the advent calendar and blanket squares.


6 thoughts on “Happy Belated Anniversary to Me

  1. Happy belated anniversary. Very sweet that you made your husband socks. I like that green, minty granny square.

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  2. Happy belated anniversary indeed. A Fringe Co Bag!! That is awesome. It is stunning, and works so well.
    Love all the mini’s, they are so pretty.
    Have fun making and getting ready. πŸ™‚

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  3. Happy belated anniversary! The gifts seem a great fit for both of you and a celebration of your love and of each other. May you be blessed with many more wonderful years of marriage.

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