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I know that I just posted this morning about less is more but these projects are part of my Ravelry challenge of making 52 projects for the year. I have 50 patterns purchased and ready to go in my queue for that challenge. Most of them are rather detailed projects that will take a lot of tedious concentration because of the detailed charts and the others just happen to be hats.

So anyways I wanted to share my makenine2019 instagram challenge on here for my own record keeping and motivation. Below is the picture and text that I shared on Instagram.

I have 50 patterns purchased and queued to make in 2019 so I had a hard time narrowing my list down to just nine. I plan to participate in the year of Nordic Stitches KAL so most of my patterns are Lilli’s designs. I don’t really expect to finish all 45 projects in my queue but I’d like to finish these shawls, a few pairs of socks and at least one sweater.

⁃ Hygge Shawl by @nordicstitches

⁃ Granny’s Geraniums by @nordicstitches

⁃ Arctic by @nordicstitches

⁃ Lorraine by @nordicstitches

⁃ Nordic Winter by @nordicstitches

⁃ Humbug by @nordicstitches

⁃ Weekend Off by @nordicstitches

⁃ Phobia by @nordicstitches

⁃ Smilla by @gretaandthebear

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous projects.

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  2. Sounds like you will be a busy gal, as usual! Keep up the beautiful work! 💕💕💕

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