My craft area is always a mess even with my previous organization attempts. My yarn was also hard to find in the huge bins without dumping the whole bin out on the floor. Part of my problem is that I never throw away anything that can be repurposed as a craft supply. I also never say no when offered free craft supplies.

Here is what my craft area looked like after I reorganized a few years ago.

Here is what she looked like when I started the great purge and reorganization. Starting with my closet doors.

The inside of my craft closet

My desk

More of my desk

even more on my desk

Extra totes some with my yarn some with my daughters craft supplies. Can’t forget the dead plant either

The top of that pile of totes and a creepy doll in the bottom left corner

my patterns

Here is what my closet looked like with everything shoved inside so we could get ready to paint.

Here is the empty storage system that I ordered on Amazon – mid assembly

Here are the final results that I am quite pleased with. I just need a new foot stool and then I’m all set.


Closet doors

Inside of the craft closet

Every single box and tote has been dumped out on the floor and sorted through. I threw out six trash bags of stuff that I don’t need. Next I plan to tackle my laundry room.

Butterball kept me company while I reorganized everything


Published by Missy's Crafty Mess

I can often be found with a pile of yarn listening to craft podcasts, music, or an audio book unless there is a NASCAR race on TV. I enjoy crafting handmade items to give as gifts to family and friends. I also enjoy donating handmade items in memory of my Father, Sister, and Grandfather.

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  1. The new storage shelves look great all full of beautiful yarns just waiting to become something. I do offer a bit of caution though, that empty space in the newly organized closet may cry out to you to be filled with something. Cats are such great helpers. Butterball is a cutie!


  2. Good Work! It is always easier to find things if they are organized! Then you can spend more time doing the things you love to do!💕


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