February 2019 Craft Goals

February 2019 Craft Goals

Wow! Last month was productive! I ended up finishing three WIPS 👍🏻 I also decided to frog (rip apart) three blankets in progress! That brought my total yarn WIPS (works in progress) down to five! Three of the five are scrap blankets with no deadlines.

Now I just need to put a good dent into my cross stitch WIPS. Ideally I would like to have three scrap blankets, three other yarn projects, and one cross stitch in progress!


  1. Finish my Frozen Shawl – started 8/19/2018
  2. Finish my cross Cross Stitch – started 2017
  3. Knit 1/2 of my Sock Arms Sweater – started 8/17/2018
  4. Knit 4 Granny’s Favorite Dishcloths (craft sale)
  5. Knit 6 Mini Sock Ornaments (craft sale)
  6. Knit 2 All for One, One for All Hats (donations)
  7. Knit 2 Waves On The Beach Dishcloths (Christmas Gifts)
  8. Start the By The Ocean Socks

Project details can be found on Ravelry or in the screenshots below


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