Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Pillowcase

I finished off another one of my Sister’s works in progress for my Momma. I haven’t ironed it because I am afraid of scorching it. I’m thinking that I might try putting a bunch of heavy books on it instead. I’m a little bummed out that it is a little off centered but you probably wont notice it when its on a pillow.

cross stitch pillowcase

Here’s a picture of the last one I finished that my Sister had started.

13. My Parents



Cross Stitch

Cheeky Cross Stitch Humor

I am still sick with that pain in the butt cold. My head has become nothing more than a pounding snot factory. I have been carpooling everyone to work and school each morning only to return to bed until noon. Then I have been getting up and doing some housework before settling into some cross stitching. I am so ready for this cold to hit the road…!

Here are a few more things that I made to hang in my craft room. I can’t wait to repaint and decorate.


I finished this cheeky cross stitch over two weeks ago or so my Instagram account says.


I made the cross stitch pattern on this website if you’d like to make your own.


I just finished this one last night. I used the same website for the words and then I used this pin from Pinterest for the artwork. I also added beads to make the pins in the pin cushion look more realistic.

Britt Pillowcase 1

Last but not least I started a Christmas pillowcase that has this Santa and a little Bear on it. This is another one of my Sister’s WIP’s.

I have also started my keeping my Daughter busy with some Cross Stitch and Embroidery. She’s finding the embroidery a little easier right now. I will share pictures of her projects soon.


Cross Stitch

More Cross Stitching


I worked on these little cross stitch Olaf monograms for Grandma & Nana. I think that they turned out super cute. I still need to figure out how I am going to finish them.


Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Goodness

It’s Done!!!!

I am so happy that I have finished this little cross stitch banner that my Sister Brittany started before she passed away.  I did change up that pattern a bit by adding the little handmade pompom to the Santa hat. I thought that it would add some super cute detail to the project. I hope that my parents enjoy seeing it hanging in their house just as much as I enjoyed making it. I have a few more projects that Brittany had started that I am hoping to complete for Christmas 2015.