Xmas in July Socks

So, I started knitting this pair of socks back in July. I knit the first sock and casted on for the second sock before loosing interest and starting something new. I picked them up and finished this week.

I knit them with yarn that I dyed with cactus blossoms last summer.

I was really surprised to get this beautiful shade of gold out of red blossoms

you can read about my project details by clicking on this screen shot of my Ravelry Project Page.

Click image to see ravelry notes

Happy Accident

My yarn dyeing style is wing it and see what happens. I mixed grey and black dye together hoping to get a tonal dark grey yarn. I decided it wasn’t dark enough so I mixed up more dye and poured it on top. These darker spots were at the bottom of the pan and although this isn’t the yarn that I intended I love it. I’m going to knit a shawl with this yarn and try again for the tonal yarn. Hopefully it works because after that I’m out of fingering weight yarn.

1 day until school starts 🤣

Perfect Purples & Pinks

A while back See Norway posted a beautiful sunset photo that just had me itching to dye some yarn. Here are the results!

I plan to pair the yarn with one of my Sister’s favorite colors. I’m planning to knit a huge squishy shawl with it someday soon. I might add black yarn into the combination as well!

a few years ago I knit this shawl for my mom with a Brittany’s favorite colors!

I think that’s about high time I had a shawl to remind me of her too but this time I’m using both of our favorite colors. I’m thinking about knitting another Stephen West pattern.

I hope that you all have a great weekend! We had a very busy week with; dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, trying to get a pair of glasses fixed, the last days of summer school, grocery shopping, & school supply shopping!!! I’m exhausted and ready for a few days of quiet but first yard work! 11 days until school starts and some me time begins. I can’t wait to introvert ALONE IN THE QUIET!

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