November’s Finished Projects

Hello all! Can you believe that November is over and it’s just days away from Christmas? November was another busy month of craft sale preparation followed up by the actual craft sale. Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and I enjoyed a little much needed down time. I am looking forward to January and my knitcation. […]

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Christmas Items

I knit this tiny little German Doll/Christmas Ornament to send out with a hat and some dishcloths for a girlfriend of mine. RAVELRY NOTES GIFT RECIPIENT: Sherry PATTERN: Christmas Knubbelchen-Minis by Alpaka Seide *free on Ravelry STARTED: November 5th COMPLETED: November 6th YARN: scraps from my Christmas hat last year. NEEDLES: 2.0 mm/US 0 I […]

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Last craft sale item

I finally feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. I have finally finished my craft sale items for this year. I do have a few must finish things by the end of the month but it finally feels like the weight and stress has lifted. I have an advent calendar in progress for […]

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Blue Modern Granny Afghan

Wow, another crazy busy week has gone by. I am so happy to have my house back to normal yet at the same time it is still off kilter because I am devoting all of my time into finishing craft sale items. Household chores… Who has time for that? I’m excited for the craft sale […]

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Dragon Pox Beanie Hats 

Hello All 😜 a while back I purchased some self stripping yarn just because I wanted to try it out! The blue shades are just gorgeous and the pinks are pretty cute too.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get three hats out of one skein of yarn.  RAVELRY NOTES GIFT RECIPIENT: […]

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Noro Bankhead Hat 

I knit this hat with some yarn that I won for knitting donation hats. I only had 50 grams of this yarn so I ended up knitting a smaller sized hat than usual with all but a few inches of the yarn. I think that it will go into my gift pile.  This was my […]

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September Finished Projects

*this is just a test post to see how I like a monthly project round up Sport weight socks are so fasts to knit up and it turns into a lovely dense warm sock! These are for my Hubby for Christmas. RAVELRY NOTES RECIPIENT: Hubby PATTERN: 64 sts with sport weight yarn SIZE: Men’s 10.5 […]

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three more hats

Hey all! I had a busy few days and I managed to whip up these hats as gifts. The first is the Helix hat which was knit for my son with yarn that he picked from my scrap bin. I’m not sure that he planed a Halloween themed hat but that is what we ended […]

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Worlds Simplest Mittens 

This is Christmas gift 12 of 14! I hope that the recipient likes them! My last two gifts are hats that are being knit with this pattern.  RAVELRY NOTES GIFT RECIPIENT: Christmas gift  PATTERN: Worlds Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits *free on Ravelry SIZE: Large STARTED: Sept 20th COMPLETED: Sept 22nd  YARN: Knit Picks Mighty […]

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Maize Mittens 

This is Christmas gift 11 of 14! I’m so happy to being so close to the end. I have another pair of mittens and a hat in progress too.  RAVELRY NOTES GIFT RECIPIENT: Christmas gift  PATTERN: Maize Mittens by Tin Can Knits *free on Ravelry SIZE: Large STARTED: September 15th COMPLETED: December 20th  YARN: Knit Picks […]

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Bubble Socks 

I finished another Christmas gift. This one is for my daughter. She requested long patterned socks with this yarn. I have found that I really enjoy knitting socks from the toes up. It’s great for yarn management and it also helps with measuring length. It’s nice knowing that both socks are the same length so […]

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Sport Socks

Hey, all! Wow, last week was my kids first week of school and it was insanely busy even though they only went to school for three days. This week has been better! I’ve been getting up a little earlier than normal than I do on school days. I’ve been making coffee and a little something for […]

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