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Misc. Crafts

Stash Basket 

My Grandma gave me some vintage rug yarn that was made of polyester and cotton. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make a garment or any like that with the yarn but I thought that I might be able to use it. The other day I pulled it out and whipped up this basket in about five hours. I have that gigantic shanklet shawl in there plus 11 cakes of yarn. I think that I will call that big basket success. I need to make more of these. However, next time I think that I will use a smaller hook to make a denser fabric. The sides don’t stand up as well as they should. 


  • PATTERN: stash basket by Emily Bolduan 
  • SIZE: – 
  • STARTED: June 15th 
  • COMPLETED: June 15th
  • YARN: Coats n Clark Rug Yarn 
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: about 350 yards 
  • HOOK: 4.00 mm/ US G 
Misc. Crafts

Stitch Markers and Progress Keepers 

I keep seeing the cutest little stitch markers and progress keepers in Podcasts and on Instagram. Of coarse I would like to own some of them but they are pretty spendy compared to the ones that I buy in bulk from the  Knit Picks website. I did the math and figured that I could buy 150 bulk stitch markers for the price of one stitch marker that I found on line. I admit that I am frugal

So I did the next best thing and I found a package of charms (shown in the top left corner) at Wal-Mart and I made my own markers. That was a lot of fun and I still had some jump rings and lobster clasps left over so I raided my jewelry box and made markers out of some of those items too.

I believe the rocks turned into pendants (middle picture) were made by my Father’s Paternal Grandmother. Ruby Pearl was a pretty creative woman with a much greener thumb than mine. I remember her house looking like a forest.

My favorite markers are ones that I made out of the fishing lures that my Father made earrings out of. I remember thinking that they were the coolest thing ever and I wore them a lot. I think that he would get a kick out of me repurposing and item that he repurposed probably 25 years ago.

I’m guessing that I held on to the “spotted” lure in the next picture because it was/is my favorite color. However, I just have say that I designed the lure on the far right. I was using some pinking sheers to cut up the sticky side of some post it notes and then I was sticking them all over my Grandparent’s kitchen table. Dad used the idea to make a unique lure to sell in his bait shop. If I remember correctly that one glows in the dark too.

Grieving Loved Ones, Misc. Crafts

Earbud Pouches and a new kitty

This week has been really hard on me emotionally. This time of year is always hard for me anyways and the loss of our beloved cat Socks was almost unbearable. It helps knowing that there was nothing that we could have done for him had we found out that he was sick sooner. It was an illness that he was born with and it had slowly progressed the whole 2 years and 12 days that we had him in our lives. We spoiled him rotten and showered him with attention each and every day. He lived a very good yet short life and he will be forever missed.

We decided to get another kitten not to replace Socks but we just wanted another kitten to love and give a happy home too. I called a local pet store and found out that they had a kitten that had been for sale for almost 2 months. He was the only cat they had in the store. I can’t believe that no one wanted to take him home because he is just the most lovable little creature that you’ve ever met aside from our beloved Socks. He looks so much like Socks that it’s almost scary. If he had been born after Socks had passed away I would have thought that he had been reincarnated.


Meet Butterball our newest family member.

Butterball is 4 1/2 months old and a sweet little chatty package of personality. He’s even got a cute naughty streak in him. For some reason he thinks toilet paper is to play with. His ears are humongous and it thinks that it needs to be held to go to sleep.

anyways I don’t have a lot in crafty progress this week. I spent a good portion of the end of last week and the weekend knitting on a cute little baby sweater dress for my Cousin’s baby. It’s turning out really cute and I hope to finish it with in the next week.

My emotional stress and grief this week wasn’t really conducive to being creative so I didn’t knit much this week however I did knit most of these little earbud pouches on Monday when I was nervous about Socks breathing problems and then I knit rest of them while we were waiting for news from the Vet on Tuesday morning. They were great nervous no brainer knitting patterns.

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Misc. Crafts

Mini Knubbelchen

I made this Mini Knubbelchen (German Doll) a few weeks ago. It is so small that it works as a key chain. I knit it with fingering weight yarn and size 0 (2.00 mm) needles. I thought that this would be a great item to decorate my craft room with especially since it is knit with the very first yarn that I dyed.

Mini Knubbelchen

I knit another Knubbelchen a few years ago for a baby gift. I’m not sure how big the first one turned out. I’m guessing that it was somewhere in between 12 -18 inches long.




Misc. Crafts

Crochet Slippers


The other day somebody sent me a pin on Pinterest for these slippers. So I took it as a hint and made her a pair.

They were fairly easy pattern to whip up and I added some clear elastic thread to the straps hoping that it would help keep it from stretching out. I’ve never used the thread before so I have no idea how well it will work.



Misc. Crafts



The Knubbelchen is a German doll that I knit for my Cousin’s impending arrival. I had to use Google translate just to figure out the language. 😉 This was really time consuming yet a very gratifying project. I really enjoyed making it and I plan to make more soon.  Ravelry Link