May 2019/Stitch Maynia

I planned to alternate in between all of my cross stitch and embroidery WIP’s as well as starting ONE new Cross Stitch project.

I also planned to make:

  1. the Magpie Tendency . I started this instead
  2. a few donation scarves with this pattern ✔️
  3. and to start working on the Summer Shorties Collection ✔️

I will show all of my finished projects first and then my WIP’s at the end.

WIPS … before and after shots

and last but not least my yarn WIPS

I think that stitch MAYnia was a lot more successful for me this year. I stitched on 26 of the first 27 days before I lost interest and wanted to knit knit knit. Maybe by the end of stitch MAYnia next year I will have them completed. I learned something about myself while participating this year. I am a process cross stitcher but a product knitter.

I’m wish you all a happy summer 🥰 God Bless

Lilli E. vlogs about her adventures in Norway

A while back I posted about my favorite Norwegian knitting designers knitting podcast. Now she has started a vlog to share her other adventures. If you are interested in learning about Norway please check her channel out. She plans to share several things: Things to do and places to see. Weird Norwegian expressions and fun fact Friday’s.

Nordic Stitches Designs

My Paternal Grandfather’s Grandparents immigrated to the United States in 1881 from Hegra, Nord – Trøndelag Norway. I have family ties to that area dating back to the 1700’s and maybe earlier. I have always been fascinated with that part of my family history. When I learned to knit I set a goal to learn how my Scandinavian ancestors may have knit.

Several years ago I started watching the Nordic Stitches Podcast during the advent season of 2016. I was still deeply grieving the loss of my Sister and getting to a chance to learn about Norwegian Advent and Christmas traditions gave me something positive to think about. It put the joy, spirit and excitement back into the Christmas season.

When Lilli announced the other day that her podcast had needlessly been hacked and deleted my heart broke for her. I can’t imagine how much time and energy she had put into the more than 350 videos she had released. So I thought that I’d share the links to all of her sites to help her restart her podcasting adventure.

*I also want to note that sometime in the near future she will be starting a second video podcast about life in Norway.


Nordic Stitches Link TreeNordic Stitches Link Tree

I also wanted to share my versions of some of Lilli’s designs.

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