Flax Sweater No. 3 

Hey all! Last week I was knitting like crazy trying to finish this sweater in time to share on Friday. However, I ended up binding off the last few stitches at 12:07 AM on Saturday but I knit this sweater in 12 days. 12 DAYS!!! I’m so ready for winter and colder weather all I want to do is knit warm and cozy garments. 

I used Knit Picks Brava which is about the most inexpensive yarn you can purchase in a wide variety of colors. It is acrylic but it suits this purpose very well. I wanted a sweater that I could wash a lot. I plan to wear it with my pajama pants all winter. Someday I’d like to knit a nice sweater with a rustic yarn but it’s just not in the budget for now. I spent about $15.00 on this yarn and the rustic yarn I would buy is about $115.00 plus shipping and tax. I could knit about 7 inexpensive sweaters for that price not to mention keeping myself entertained for that much longer. 


  • RECIPIENT: me 
  • PATTERN: Flax by Tin Can Knits 
  • SIZE: Large 
  • STARTED: August 6th
  • COMPLETED: August 18th
  • YARN: Knit Picks Brava in the shade of Asphalt Heather 
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 1313 yards/600 grams
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US 7 
  • MODIFICATIONS/NOTES: I omitted the garter panel on the sleeves and I added an extra inch to the sleeves and an extra two inches to the body 

This is the third sweater that I’ve knit with this pattern! Each time I’ve changed it a little.

the first sweater knit as directed 

the second sweater I omitted the garter panel and added the stripes 

This is our last week of summer break and we are going to be busy. We’ve got to update vaccines for Meningitis. We’ve got an open house and pictures. We need to finish shopping… ugh shoe shopping with kids. If that’s not enough I plan to do fall cleaning in the kids rooms. How in the world do their closests get so messy? 

I hope you all have a great, happy and productive week 😻☕️ Missy 

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Baby Flax

I feel like I have been knitting and crocheting a lot the last few weeks but since most of the items that I have worked on have been big projects it feels like I have made little to no progress. On top of that I have been battling a cold/sinus infection for close to a month. I’ve been hot, feverish, dehydrated and congested which hasn’t helped one bit with the migraines that I frequently suffer. If that wasn’t bad enough my son has been down with the same crud and has missed a week of school. Yay for sick kids and extra homework at night…

I did managed to pick this cute baby sweater up last night. All it needed was the sleeves and they knit up really fast. I knit it as a Christmas gift for my cousin’s baby girl.

baby flax

  • RECIPIENT: my cousin’s daughter
  • PATTERN: Flax by Tin Can Knits
  • SIZE: 2 – 4 years
  • STARTED: January 22nd 2017
  • COMPLETED: February
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch (worsted weight) in the shades of Cream, Blush, & Fairy Tale
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: about 370 yards
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US # 7
  • MODIFICATIONS: I omitted the garter panels on the sleeves and I added stripes and contrasting cuffs and collar.

I think that this sweater will go perfectly with the little Christmas stocking that I made her last month.

Pink Xmas Stocking


  • RECIPIENT: my cousin’s daughter
  • PATTERN: I knit it toe up with 60 sts
  • STARTED: December 24th 2016
  • COMPLETED: January 5th 2017
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shades of Cream, Blush, and Fairy Tale
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 270 yards
  • NEEDLES: 5.0 mm/US # 8


I finished knitting my Flax sweater Wednesday evening. I haven’t gotten around to washing and blocking it yet but I wanted to share pictures. I will up date this post with new pictures later but I want to wear the sweater today first. 😉

The Flax Sweater  pattern by Tin Can Knits is probably the easiest sweater that I have knit thus far. I am not sure if its because I have more sweater knitting experience or if the pattern is just that simple. I started the sweater on November 11th. I knit the ribbing around the neck line and a couple of rounds of increases. Then I put it down for over a month and when I picked it up and started knitting it again I found that I had made a mistake. So I tore the whole thing apart on December 21st and started over. I knit on it through three Christmas gatherings and then picked it up again after my kids went back to school. I feel like it just flew off the needles and I guess that it really did when you consider the fact that it only took me three weeks to knit from the time that I restarted it to the time that I finished it.




  • PATTERNFlax  by Tin Can Knits
  • STARTED: November 11th
  • RESTARTED: December 21st
  • COMPLETED: January 11th
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shade of Ash
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 1248 yards/600 grams
  • FIBER CONTENT: 80% Manufactured Fibers – 20% Wool
  • NEEDLES: 4.0 mm/US # 6 & 5.00 mm/US # 8
  • SIZE: XL
  • MODIFICATIONS: all of the ribbing was knit with a twisted rib

I am so pleased with the way this sweater turned out. I plan to knit another one but I’d like to tinker with the pattern a bit. I’d like to take the textured panels out of the arms and I’d like to add cables to the body.

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Daughter Vertebrae Cardigan

It’s finally done. I finished the cardigan that I knit for my daughter with some yarn that both of my kids dyed with Kool – Aid.

daughter sweater

I ran out of white yarn on the last sleeve and instead of having me get more white yarn out my daughter asked for me to finish it in red. She’s got my quirky unbalanced taste and I couldn’t be more proud.

daughter sweater

I alternated yarns every two rows to tone down the in your face color from the Kool – Aid and I think that it gave it a nice effect. I am surprised at how evenly distributed the color is on the Kool – Aid yarn considering the fact that they just dumped it on the yarn

daughter sweater

Love it… I can’t wait to start knitting myself another sweater… Soon!!!


  • PATTERN: Mama Vertebrae
  • STARTED: September 17th, 2016
  • COMPLETED: October 23rd, 2016
  • YARN: Kool – Aid yarns: Bare Stroll Fingering Sock Yarn – 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon and the white yarn: Bare Stroll Glimmer – 70% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Stellina
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 874 yards
  • NEEDLES: 2.75 mm US #2
  • SIZE: B

I just wish that my camera would do a better job at photographing red tones especially on dark and gloomy days. ;(


On The Beach Sweater

I am finally done with my On The Beach Sweater and it only took me 18 days to knit it. It is super soft and cozy. Its a little bit too big but all in all I am very happy with the way that it turned out. I need to get some better pictures but I couldn’t really get to a flat and dry surface with natural light so the snow will have to do for now. 😉


Modifications: I added 8 rows of k2p2 ribbing to the bottom of the sweater and 6 rows to the neckline and sleeves.


on the beach


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Baby Sweaters: New, Old, and Vintage

New, Old and Vintage baby sweaters….

New Old and Vintage

I finished this super cute baby sweater for a pending arrival in my family. I did make some modifications to the Nautty Baby Sweater pattern by Andre Sue Knits. I used 2 strands of 2 different colors of baby yarn to get close to the suggested worsted weight yarn. When knitting the sleeves in the top down sweater I skipped the decreases all together. I picked up my stitches and then knit 2 rows in the main color before switching to my contrast color. I knit a 6 month size sweater and after holding it up to a some baby clothes that I have left over it appears to be in the 3-6 month range. Most likely because of my choice in yarn. For more details click here to read my project page on Ravelry.

nautty baby 2

This is super cute sweater that my Sister, Daughter and I wore as babies. It’s still in great shape and proof that quality knitting and yarn can survive generations. I’m saving it with the hope that my Grand babies will wear it someday.

My baby sweater

This adorable vintage sweater is one that my Dad and Uncles wore as babies. I believe that the flowers were made individually and then crocheted together some how. If anyone knows where this pattern can be found let me know. I’d love to recreate it some day. As a plan B I found something similar on the internet.

My Dad's Baby Sweater

One thing is for sure there is never a shortage of new babies to knit for. Keep them coming!!!!



Shapely Boyfriend Sweater

I just finished weaving in my ends and sewing buttons on this beauty. I am very satisfied with the results of this sweater and I can’t wait to wear it.

brown shapely boyfriend

I love how the buttons that I found have little stitches around the edges. The perfect touch for a handmade garment.

Details: The Pattern is The Shapely Boyfriend Sweater.  The yarn I used is Caron One Pound in Espresso. The only modifications I made were with the buttons. I couldn’t find the smaller size so I used these. I adjusted for the larger size by binding off 3 sts for the buttons holes instead of 2 sts. When I entered the amount of yarn I used into my KnitMeter.com account. I found out that with this project I used .88 miles of yarn!!!


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Nautty Boy Baby Sweater


It’s done. I really enjoyed knitting this baby sweater. I just love the texture. I’ve already had requests from my Daughter for a sweater for one of her baby dolls. 😉

I used US #5 knitting needles and some off white Red Heart yarn that was gifted to me a few years ago.

Now I just need to come up with a matching hat and I will have a super cute baby gift for baby #9.

You can purchase the pattern here.

Check out Andre Sue’s Blog. She’s an amazing artist and has more free patterns listed.


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Nautty Boy Baby Sweater – Test Knit



I have been busy knitting this super cute little baby sweater as a gift for the 9th Grandchild in my Hubby’s family. The baby is due to arrive in April and we don’t know a gender yet. I thought that an off white sweater would be cute and I will pick out gender appropriate buttons later on or I might decide to use some wooden buttons.

Andre Sue offered me a chance to test knit this pattern before she puts it on the market to sell. I have never had the opportunity to test knit a pattern before so I think that it is quite exciting. Thus far the pattern has been a breeze but I had best get back to work so that I can get everything done by the end of the month. After that I need to finish 2 hats for Christmas gifts as well as the remaining 13 Christmas ornaments.

Have a great weekend!!!!!