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Christmas Gifts 2018

πŸŽ„ Merry Christmas from my family to yours 🎁 Here's a photo collage of the things that I made and gifted for Christmas, Advent, & Saint Nicolas Day this year! More information can be found in my Ravelry pages. There were also a few dishcloths and scrubbies that were gifted but not included in the… Continue reading Christmas Gifts 2018

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Advent Blanket Squares 2018

I turned my Advent Calendar yarn into blanket squares. I think that I will add a white border around the squares for Xmas in a July. Hopefully then I will have an idea of how many squares I will need for a blanket. I'm thinking that it will take at least two advent seasons to… Continue reading Advent Blanket Squares 2018

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Xmas in July Socks

So, I started knitting this pair of socks back in July. I knit the first sock and casted on for the second sock before loosing interest and starting something new. I picked them up and finished this week. I knit them with yarn that I dyed with cactus blossoms last summer. I was really surprised… Continue reading Xmas in July Socks

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Antler Hat & Mittens

Saturday night I finished making my last Christmas gift. These are the Antler Hat & Mittens by Tin Can Knits. Click image to get to my Ravelry notes Click image to get to my Ravelry notesI'm looking forward to spending the next few weeks knocking out the last blog posts, crocheting on my advent blanket… Continue reading Antler Hat & Mittens

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Saint Nicholas Day Socks

It took forever to finish these socks for my Hubby. However, they were worth waiting for because they turned out great! Each sock weighed about 48 grams. Click the image to get to my Ravelry notes

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Christmas Ornament 2018’

Each year I try to make a new ornament for my kids and family. This year I managed to make a few ornaments! I really like how the wreaths turned out and the little hats were cute too.

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Saint Nicholas Day

Last year we started a tradition of celebrating Saint Nicholas Day and my kids really enjoyed it. This year I bought some pretty reusable gift boxes instead of placing gifts in dirty shoes. Son Daughter Hubby's socks are an IOU Me *my socks are not handmade! I found them at the dollar store and they… Continue reading Saint Nicholas Day

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The First Day of Advent

I have five advent calendars in my house this year although I only stuffed four of them with gifts. I purchased two of these advent calendars one for my hubby and I! This one is stuffed with candy and a few handmade ornaments for my Hubby. I picked up this little basket at the dollar… Continue reading The First Day of Advent

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Mini Sock Advent Calendar

Hello all! Good morning! Yesterday I checked one big crazy project off of my to-do list. I have wanted to make myself an advent calendar for a long time. I bought this wooden Christmas tree over a year ago for that purpose! 24 mini socks make up my newest advent calendar I think that the… Continue reading Mini Sock Advent Calendar

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Happy Belated Anniversary to Me

I showed you all the socks that I knit for my Hubbies Anniversary gift. As well as the sign that I had made for him. I wish I could paint like this. And look at the cool bag that he bought me! I've wanted a Fringe Supply bag for a long time! They are a… Continue reading Happy Belated Anniversary to Me

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Advent Calendars

I started these advent calendars last summer. I managed to finish 12 of each in time to use them for Christmas last year. I just added gifts for the first 12 days and then added gifts for the 13th to 24th after my kids had opened all of the first set. It worked but it… Continue reading Advent Calendars

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Christmas Items

I knit this tiny little German Doll/Christmas Ornament to send out with a hat and some dishcloths for a girlfriend of mine. RAVELRY NOTES GIFT RECIPIENT: Sherry PATTERN: Christmas Knubbelchen-Minis by Alpaka Seide *free on Ravelry STARTED: November 5th COMPLETED: November 6th YARN: scraps from my Christmas hat last year. NEEDLES: 2.0 mm/US 0 I… Continue reading Christmas Items

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Baby Flax

I feel like I have been knitting and crocheting a lot the last few weeks but since most of the items that I have worked on have been big projects it feels like I have made little to no progress. On top of that I have been battling a cold/sinus infection for close to a… Continue reading Baby Flax