Christmas Gifts 2018

🎄 Merry Christmas from my family to yours 🎁

This year I used butcher paper and yarn to wrap all of my handmade gifts.

Here’s a photo collage of the things that I made and gifted for Christmas, Advent, & Saint Nicolas Day this year! More information can be found in my Ravelry pages.

There were also a few dishcloths and scrubbies that were gifted but not included in the photo collage.

Advent Blanket Squares 2018

I turned my Advent Calendar yarn into blanket squares. I think that I will add a white border around the squares for Xmas in a July. Hopefully then I will have an idea of how many squares I will need for a blanket. I’m thinking that it will take at least two advent seasons to complete it.

Here they are all together

I still have about 7 grams of yarn left over from the original 20 grams after crocheting the blanket squares above and knitting the mini socks.

I decided to start another scrap blanket with the leftovers.

Trust me I have no shortage of yarn scraps I started out with this bin full of scraps and mini skeins.

I am also working on this blanket with yarn scraps

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The First Day of Advent

I have five advent calendars in my house this year although I only stuffed four of them with gifts.

I purchased two of these advent calendars one for my hubby and I! This one is stuffed with candy and a few handmade ornaments for my Hubby.

I picked up this little basket at the dollar store so I’d have a place to store and display them.

The next set is my Daughter’s. We had a broken stick catastrophe so I went back to the dollar store for two more baskets so they match.

The next calendar is my sons

I honestly think I prefer the advent calendars in the baskets.

The kids had a few items that were too big so they got wrapped and stuffed into the baskets by my daughter.

The last advent calendar is mine. I bought enough candy for an extra one and I gave my daughter my bin of yarn scraps so that she could make a fun calendar for me. They have yarn advent calendars for sale but they are $200.00 and I can’t justify spending that kind of money on myself especially around Christmas.

I crocheted this granny square a while back to see how much yarn I’d need for each one. I think that I’d like to make an advent blanket with these squares. It might take ten years to make enough squares but just think of how many Christmas memories will be worked up in that blanket. Plus all of the memories of the original projects that the scrap yarn came from.

I’ll post again about these advent granny blanket squares at the end of advent.

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