Christmas Gifts 2018

🎄 Merry Christmas from my family to yours 🎁

This year I used butcher paper and yarn to wrap all of my handmade gifts.

Here’s a photo collage of the things that I made and gifted for Christmas, Advent, & Saint Nicolas Day this year! More information can be found in my Ravelry pages.

There were also a few dishcloths and scrubbies that were gifted but not included in the photo collage.

Saint Nicholas Day Socks

It took forever to finish these socks for my Hubby.

However, they were worth waiting for because they turned out great! Each sock weighed about 48 grams.

Click the image to get to my Ravelry notes

Saint Nicholas Day

Last year we started a tradition of celebrating Saint Nicholas Day and my kids really enjoyed it.

This year I bought some pretty reusable gift boxes instead of placing gifts in dirty shoes.



Hubby’s socks are an IOU

Me *my socks are not handmade! I found them at the dollar store and they had to come home with me.

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