February 2019

February 2019


  1. Finish my Frozen Shawl – started 8/19/2018 ✔️
  2. Finish my cross Cross Stitch – started 2017
  3. Knit 1/2 of my Sock Arms Sweater – started 8/17/2018 Start Flax Light With the Same Yarn – started 2/10/2019 (daughter’s Christmas gift) ✔️
  4. Knit 4 Granny’s Favorite Dishcloths (craft sale) ✔️
  5. Knit 6 Mini Sock Ornaments (craft sale)
  6. Knit 2 All for One, One for All Hats (donations) ✔️
  7. Knit 2 Waves On The Beach Dishcloths (Christmas Gifts) ✔️
  8. Start the By The Ocean Socks

Project details can be found on Ravelry or in the screenshots below


January 2019

January 2019

Hey all! it has been one busy month. I rung in the new year with a sinus and respiratory infection that hung on for a while.

I managed to keep a slow and steady pace while working on my goal list for the month. I knit 8 dishcloths, 3 hats, 2 Christmas ornaments, 1 shawl, and 1 pair of socks.

I also worked on a 3rd Christmas ornament, 2 different scrap blankets, my frozen shawl, and a cross stitch. I ripped apart 3 blankets that I had no interest in finishing to simplify my to do list.

Life with our new puppy Lily has been interesting! She doesn’t sleep a lot during the day but goes to bed at 8:30. She gets up to go potty outside around midnight and then she’s up and at it demanding breakfast at 6:00 AM. Lily is sweet and affectionate but also rambunctious and naughty. She’s a good guard dog that hears everything! The cats are not overly impressed by her presence in their lives mostly because she is very aggressive in her attempts to play with them. She just wants to slobber them and they aren’t the least bit interested!

Stay safe and warm!


1.Finish my Smock It Shawl – started 8/25/2018 ✔️

2.Finish my Easy Balaclava – started 12/27/2018 ✔️

3.Finish my Blueberry Waffle Socks – started 1/4/2018 ✔️

4.Finish my Frozen Shawl – started 8/19/2018 – I worked on it

5. Knit 4 Granny’s Favorite Dishcloths ✔️

6. Knit 2 Emma Dishcloths ✔️

7. Knit 2 All for One, One for All Hats ✔️

8. Knit a pair of Crazy Socks (I decided to work on WIP’s instead)

9. Knit 4 Elf Ornaments (I knit two ornaments but only one elf)

Project details can be found on Ravelry

make nine 2019

make nine 2019

I know that I just posted this morning about less is more but these projects are part of my Ravelry challenge of making 52 projects for the year. I have 50 patterns purchased and ready to go in my queue for that challenge. Most of them are rather detailed projects that will take a lot of tedious concentration because of the detailed charts and the others just happen to be hats.

So anyways I wanted to share my makenine2019 instagram challenge on here for my own record keeping and motivation. Below is the picture and text that I shared on Instagram.

I have 50 patterns purchased and queued to make in 2019 so I had a hard time narrowing my list down to just nine. I plan to participate in the year of Nordic Stitches KAL so most of my patterns are Lilli’s designs. I don’t really expect to finish all 45 projects in my queue but I’d like to finish these shawls, a few pairs of socks and at least one sweater.

⁃ Hygge Shawl by @nordicstitches

⁃ Granny’s Geraniums by @nordicstitches

⁃ Arctic by @nordicstitches

⁃ Lorraine by @nordicstitches

⁃ Nordic Winter by @nordicstitches

⁃ Humbug by @nordicstitches

⁃ Weekend Off by @nordicstitches

⁃ Phobia by @nordicstitches

⁃ Smilla by @gretaandthebear

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