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Operation Gratitude 

Earlier today I shipped my donation packages to Scarves for Troops via Operation Gratitude. This year I sent 15 hats in memory of my Sister, Grandfather, and Father. It’s nice to have the space that I was storing them in cleaned out so that I can start over for next year. I’m hoping to create one a week up until donation time next year. 52 hats is an awesome goal!!! 

Updated to show the tags attached to each hat! 

Charitable Donations, Hat

August and September Donation Hats 

I haven’t gotten around to sharing my donation hat for last month yet so I figured that I’d just do a two in one post. I hope that you all have a happy and productive week. ☕️Missy


  • GIFT RECIPIENT: Scarves for Troops via Operation Gratitude.
  • PATTERN: two by two by Anne Gagnon *free on Ravelry 
  • SIZE: Large
  • STARTED: July 8th
  • COMPLETED: Aug 26th
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shade of Ash
  • HANDDYED: na
  • YARDAGE: 169
  • WEIGHT: 81 grams
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US 7
  • METHOD: circular needles and magic loop
  • MODIFICATIONS: I started the ribbing and got tired of knitting ribbing so I switched to stockingette
  • NOTES: hat turned out huge because of my modifications – next time follow the pattern


  • GIFT RECIPIENT: Scarves for Troops via Operation Gratitude.
  • PATTERN: Barley by Tin Can Knits *free on Ravelry 
  • SIZE: Large
  • STARTED: Sept 15th
  • COMPLETED: Sept 16th
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shade of Alalfa
  • HANDDYED: na
  • YARDAGE: 125 yards
  • WEIGHT: 60 grams
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US 7
  • METHOD: circular needles and magic loop
  • NOTES: none
Charitable Donations, Handmade Gifts, Hat


Hey all! I hope that you had a happy and safe Independents Day. We didn’t do a whole lot but we did grill out. 

I also spent a good amount of time with yarn in my hands and I have a couple new hats to show for it. This first hat will be donated to Scarves for Troops via Operation Gratitude.  


  • RECIPIENT: donation 
  • PATTERN: Wide Ribbed Hat 
  • SIZE: large
  • STARTED: July 2nd 
  • COMPLETED: July 3rd 
  • YARN: karabella yarns aurora 8 – navy 
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 107 yards 
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US 7 

The second hat that I knit is a Christmas gift for someone who likes to roll up the cuff of hats even when they don’t have a cuff to roll up. Nothing like a classic hat pattern to make that gift recipient happy. 


  • RECIPIENT: Christmas a Gift 
  • PATTERN: Classic Cuffed Hat 
  • SIZE: Largest 
  • STARTED: July 3rd 
  • COMPLETED: July 6th 
  • YARN: Lion Brand Heartland – Mount Rainier 
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 124 yards 
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US 7 

Last night at about 11 pm I decided that I wanted to start knitting a new shawl. So I started dying yarn for it at that time of night. I wanted the yarn to dry overnight so I could start knitting it as soon as I got done with the gray hat. 

Charitable Donations, Hat

Donation Hat 

My donation hat for the Month of May was an interesting knit. It offered a little challenge but it wasn’t really difficult once I figured out the chart. I love the texture of this hat.


  • RECIPIENT: donation hat
  • PATTERN: Tweedy Honeycomb Toque
  • SIZE: one size
  • STARTED: May 19th
  • COMPLETED: May 21st
  • YARN: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in the shade of Silver (I held two strands together to get a bulkier yarn)
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 254 yards
  • NEEDLES: cuff 5.0 mm US 8/hat 6.5 mm US 10.5
  • MODIFICATIONS/NOTES: a lot of the notes on Ravelry said that this pattern runs a little small. I chose to hold two strands of yarn together to get a bulkier yarn and I also increased the needle sizes to make a bigger hat. Much easier than changing the math in a charted pattern.
Charitable Donations, Hat

WWI hat 

The other day I found a WWI hat pattern which had been re written into modern knitting terms. I thought that would be the perfect hat to donate to Scarves for Troops. The pattern was originally supposed to be knit with 100% wool and in certain colors so that they could be worn with a military uniform. The hats and scarves that are distributed through Scarves for Troops are used when off duty. I knit the larger sized hat and it fits my husband perfectly but it looks huge on the styrofoam head. 


  • RECIPIENT: Scarves for Troops via Operation Gratitude 
  • PATTERN: WWI Skull Cap
  • SIZE: large
  • STARTED: April 10th
  • COMPLETED: April 17th
  • YARN: Plymouth Yarn Galloway in the shade Mint Heather
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 151 yards
  • NEEDLES: 3.75 mm/US # 5 

It’s been rainy all week which has tremendously helped my allergies. I’ve been making good progress on a lot of projects which makes me incredibly happy. However, on a more sour note… our refrigerator decided to die last Wednesday. It almost ruined our holiday plans but my in laws were nice enough to share some of their leftovers with us. We are hoping to find a new refrigerator this weekend I just hope it doesn’t take a month to be delivered.  I’m really getting tired of eating out every meal but on a plus side I haven’t had too cook or do dishes which has contributed to my extra crafting time. 

Charitable Donations, Hat

Daytona Day(s) 

Hey all! This last weekend was a bit exciting! After all of the illnesses that have gone through our home this month I was looking forward to some exciting entertainment. We were expected to get 13 inches of snow on Thursday so I snuggled in with some hot tea and yarn ready for a blizzard and racing. The 2017 NASCAR season started so YAY for the Daytona 500!!! This years races were exciting and nerve racking to watch. I’m so glad that nobody was seriously injured and one of my favorite drivers won!!! While watching all four races I managed to knit 2 hats and I also crocheted 2 skeins of yarn into a new afghan

The first hat will be donated to Scarves for Troops via Operation Gratitude in memory of my loved ones who have passed on. 


RECIPIENT: Scarves for Troops 

PATTERN: Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho

SIZE: Adult 



YARN: Lion Brand Heartland in the shade of Mount Rainier 


NEEDLES: 3.75 mm/US 5 & 4.5 mm/US 7 

This second hat was knit in racing colors. I had planned to keep it for myself but it’s a little big on me so I’m going to put it in my sale pile. 


RECIPIENT: craft sale


SIZE: Adult Man



YARN: Knit Picks Stroll Sport Weight (held double) 


NEEDLES: 4.00 mm/US 6 & 5.00 mm/US 8

Hat Recipe 

* Cast on 84 sts with two black strands

  held together

* 2 x 2 rib for 12 rounds 

* Switch to size 8 needles

* 6 black

* 2 red

* 2 white

* 9 red

* 2 white

* 2 red

* 3 black 

* Decrease k12 k2tog, around 

* Knit around

* Repeat the last few rows until k4 – k2tog, continue every round

Charitable Donations, Hat

a donation hat

I’ve been sick most of the week with a cruddy cold and fever & chills so I haven’t made a lot of progress on my projects. I’ve slept a good portion of each day trying to kick this cold. It’s a good thing that I completed all of my January goals by Sunday afternoon giving me 10 days of free time.

I love how this hat turned out. It’s really just a basic gray beanie hat that is super soft and machine washable.

jan donation


  • PATTERN: I casted on 88 sts and then I used the turn a square pattern to close the top of the hat
  • STARTED: Jan 20th
  • COMPLETED: Jan 20th
  • YARN: Lion Brand Heartland in the Shade of Mount Rainer
  • YARDAGE/WEIGHT: 82 yards/46 grams
  • NEEDLES: 4.5 mm/US size 7
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Forever 24 – 2015

Today would have been my Sister‘s 26th birthday. Instead of celebrating another year with her I am donating 24 hats to Scarves for Troops in her memory.


Forever 24 -2015

Patterns I used:

I think that the Scarves for Troops program which is ran by Operation Gratitude is one of the best charities out there. When I started donating to Scarves for Troops I was looking for something that I could donate handmade goods to simply because I was bored and wanted to make something that I could give back to society. After my Grandfather who served in the Navy during the Korean War passed away from cancer I wanted to do more charity work for Veterans. Then my Sister passed away and I became even more passionate about giving back. Creating hats to donate to those who have served or are serving this great country has given me something positive to do during my darkest of days while grieving my loved ones. This is me trying to find something positive out of a negative.

I encourage you to make something to donate to Scarves for Troops and if you don’t want to make anything they also accept donations of money, toiletries, est… read here for more information!!!!

7a9f3d08dcad752474008713c5314f0fOperation Gratitude hats and scarves should be adult sized and in gender neutral or subtle colors. Scarves that are between 5 and 7 inches wide and 48 to 52 inches long fit best in the care package boxes. We’re asked to leave fringe off of scarves for reasons of packing and wearing ease. Any fiber is acceptable, please be prepared to attach a label to your scarf with care instructions. SOURCE


Charitable Donations, Hat


I have been busy this week trying to complete some of my craft goals for the month. I am going to fall short of finishing my toe-up socks and I only have one hat to add to my Project Forever 24 donation pile. All of the items that I make for Project Forever 24 – 2015 will be donated to the Scarves for Troops program ran by Operation Gratitude.

Barley HAT

This pattern is named Barley by Tin Can Knits. I used US size 6 needles through out the entire pattern because I forgot to bump up to the larger size. The yarn is a Red Heart Super Saver Multi in the Shaded Dusk. I used about 170 yard for the large hat.

barley hat top

Here is a view of the top. I absolutely love how this one turned out.


Brittany, Charitable Donations, Grieving Loved Ones, Hat

Forever 24 – 2014

Today would have been my Baby Sissy’s 25th Birthday. For her birthday I decided to do 24 random acts of kindness in her memory. My acts of kindness took shape in the form of 24 preemie hats to donate to a local NICU Hospital.

forever 24 -2014