Organizational Success 

A few weeks ago I shared a trunk that my kind mother bought for me at Hobby Lobby.

Last week I bought a bunch of pencil pouches at the dollar store. So for $15.00 I was able to turn this mess

into an organized storage space

I divided up all of my circular knitting needles and double pointed knitting needles according to size.

I wrote the sizes on the front corners of each pouch according to their US and metric sizes. 

I’ve wanted to organize this mess for years. I had previously been dumping them loose into a tote and I’d have to hunt and peck for the right sizes. Which usually meant scattering them on the floor and using a needle gage on a bunch of double pointed needles just to find five needles in the same size just to finish a hat. 

The funniest thing I noticed is that I don’t own a set of needles in size 9 and I apparently only have one dpn in size 7 unless the rest of the set is in a project bag or hiding some where else. Most of my knitting needles are in sizes 1 – 3. 

Yay!!! What can I clean up next?