June Goals 

May Goals *BOLD - FINNISHED *ITALICS - STARTED *STRIKE THROUGH - REMOVED FROM LIST Create a donation item Knit May Socks Knit my cozy memory block Crochet 100 grams into granny stripe afghan Finish Christmas stocking Make May's Cross Stitch - EMBROIDERED A PROJECT INSTEAD and I started a cross stitch  Four kitchen items Finish … Continue reading June Goals 

May Goals 

HELLO ALL! Wow, another month has gone by so fast! I am very pleased with my creative  progress last month especially when I consider the fact that my allergies were at an all time high and my kids were home for spring break and Easter break. April Goals *BOLD - FINNISHED *ITALICS - STARTED *STRIKE … Continue reading May Goals 

April Goals

Is it really April already? We have about 7 weeks of school left and then its summer. While I appreciate the break of not having to get grumpy kids up and moving out the door each morning I really miss the structured days that come with the school year. I'm an introvert that can always find … Continue reading April Goals

March Goals 

I'm sort of bummed out that I didn't complete all of my February craft goals because of all of the illnesses that went through our home. I didn't even start a book let alone finish reading one. I also ended up two hats short of my monthly goal and I didn't finish my socks for … Continue reading March Goals 

February 2017 Goals

Here's what I finished in January in BOLD Read a book Finish one mini cross stitch Make one cozy memory block Work at least 18 Rows in my granny square afghan Knit 1 pair of socks for the #boxosoxkal make at least one item a week for gifts, donations, or craft sales *Finish my Swoop Shawl … Continue reading February 2017 Goals

January 2017 Goals

I'm a list maker and for some odd reason I find satisfaction in completing tasks and crossing them off of my list. So I decided to break down my 2017 goals into monthly goal lists here is what I have for January. Read a book Finish one mini cross stitch Make one cozy memory block … Continue reading January 2017 Goals

Goals for 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR...!!!   I wrote up some craft goals for 2015 and stuck with them for the most part. In 2016 I skipped making a list and found myself all over the place so I am going to try it again this year. YEAR LONG GOALS KNIT FROM MY STASH! Find something to do … Continue reading Goals for 2017

Craft Goals for 2015

Happy New Year!!!!! Goal 1: To successfully knit myself a matching set of mittens, hat, and scarf using Nordic Knitting Techniques to celebrate my Norwegian heritage. I already picked out the yarn that I plan to use with this hat pattern and this mitten pattern. I still need to find a scarf with a similar … Continue reading Craft Goals for 2015