three more hats

Hey all! I had a busy few days and I managed to whip up these hats as gifts. The first is the Helix hat which was knit for my son with yarn that he picked from my scrap bin. I’m not sure that he planed a Halloween themed hat but that is what we ended […]

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Organizational Success 

A few weeks ago I shared a trunk that my kind mother bought for me at Hobby Lobby. Last week I bought a bunch of pencil pouches at the dollar store. So for $15.00 I was able to turn this mess into an organized storage space I divided up all of my circular knitting needles and […]

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Sport Socks

Hey, all! Wow, last week was my kids first week of school and it was insanely busy even though they only went to school for three days. This week has been better! I’ve been getting up a little earlier than normal than I do on school days. I’ve been making coffee and a little something for […]

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Helix Hat 

Hey All!  Three whole days until school starts!!! I’m excited but my children are not.  My Grandma left a funny comment on my last post and I thought that I’d address it here! Grandma thought that I was up posting blog posts before 5 AM. I’m pretty sure that she was trying to figure out […]

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Melted Crayon Socks 

Wow! I love how these socks turned out. This is the last skein of my anniversary yarn. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to knit with it. I think that they make great cheery socks. The ribbing that I added makes them extra soft and squishy.  RAVELRY NOTES RECIPIENT: me […]

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The tree that conspires to kill me

The crabapple tree that bothers my allergies so much is in full bloom! Within a week these blossoms should fall off and blow away! Until then I’m just going to live in my climate controlled imaginary bubble. Where I can knit and drink coffee to my hearts content while imaginary fairies clean my house.  Have […]

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Merry Christmas

Now that all of the gifts are opened I can post a collage of Christmas gifts that I made this year. I also made some monogramed letters like this one found on Pinterest. However, for privacy reasons I am not posting pictures of them. Here are the links to the blog posts with these projects. […]

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